Biggest problem of amateur golfers will shock you!

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Biggest problem of amateur golfers… Biggest problem of amateur golf isn’t the slow pace of the game. Yep, it isn’t even high costs of golf clubs, membership fees or even the golf travels. Biggest problem of amateur golf lies somewhere in between. I’ll be frank with you, It’s slowly disrupting the golf itself from inside. … Read more

Advanced mental coaching

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Advanced mental coaching by Mario Beky The secret of Advanced mental coaching? Why Advanced mental coaching by Mario Beky works? First of all read this story because this is my journey and how it all started. I was working as children psychologist when I gathered valuable data from thousands of diagnosing tests. While working with 2 … Read more

Talent definition

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Talent definition Talent definition versus skill. Explanation in very detail. What’s the difference between talent and skill? What is more important for the success? Are talent and skills the same or are they different? You can learn more in this post which you can either read, listen to or watch. We are providing new interesting … Read more

Brand ambassador jobs

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Brand ambassador jobs – brand ambassadors wanted Brand ambassador jobs – brand Ambassadors Wanted. Students, Teachers, Golfers from any place in the World. Fresh, active, engaging, positive We’re international team of performance professionals. We work for those who want to achieve better results in learning and in sports. We’re doing it in modern way for … Read more

Growing with the European Tour Golf – Anne Duffy, part 1/2

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Growing with the European Tour Golf Growing with the European Tour Golf. I am addict. Golf is my life, but unlike most golf addicts I have obsession to watching and analyzing play patterns and behaviors. How did that come about? Well, it began normally enough when my Dad took up the game. I was about … Read more

Golf apps from MARIOBEKY

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Golf apps from MARIOBEKY Golf apps from MARIOBEKY. Performance Pocket Guides from MAROBEKY.COM are now available also golf apps. You can download them from Google Play market for your device. Every language version offers two editions. One edition is with metric and the other with imperial units. Please check this options before purchase. Please,  check our … Read more

Golf for disabled

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Golf for disabled Mental game and golf for disabled. Mental game for disabled golfer differs in some way. Mario Beky and his team are proud to cooperate with golfers from around the world. Not everyone of us was so lucky to enjoy the full swings in totally healthy body. We, at MARIOBEKY dare helping also … Read more

Inner game

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Inner game Inner game from MARIOBEKY and Advanced mental coaching. Once you’ll start to use the advanced stages of golf you will focus in a different way. Higher inner game means – the lower gaming handicap the higher expectations. Better players aim to achieve specific goals and in specific time. Inner game is the game … Read more

Self-control in sport

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Self-control in sport Self-control in sport. Practicing the self-control in the game of golf. I will start slowly by citing few passages from a book we are preparing. If you don’t want to wait for publishing it, just jump into any level of online courses for golfers at our ACADEMY. I’m speaking about some of … Read more