Best week of my life, Ryder Cup 1987 – Anne Duffy, part 2/2

Best week of my life, Ryder Cup 1987

Best week of my life. I particularly remember one special point.

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European Team, winning moment, Ryder Cup 1987. Photo by Anne Duffy.

Jack Nicklaus

We had just won the hole I was watching when the roars told me we had won on a neighbouring hole and a whitewash was possible. I was turning to the next hole and was pumping the air. Noticed Jack Nicklaus in the US buggy, who had heard my whoop, so I pulled my air punch.

Jack noticed that and gave me a wink! WOWEE.

Great European support

Later that day he made particularly harsh comments on the relative lack of support from the US fans, and the great support the Europeans were getting. A senior media man told me the next day that Jack had been thinking of me.

In the middle of it

The celebrations were fantastic with the team mingling with the fans.

Naturally I was in the middle of it then went for a walk to try to calm down.

I was on my way back when I met Jack strolling to his house to change. We had a short conversation where he thanked me for coming and I commiserated with him. I also congratulated him on the course which he had designed. Wow!I got back and we broke up as the VIPs arrived for the dinner.

The greatest week of my life

The next day it was Columbus airport for the first stage of my journey home. Who were mounting the aircraft just in front of me only George O’Grady and the other European Tour officials.

George O’Grady thanked me for playing my part.

I saw them briefly again as we went for our separate flights and we said our proper goodbyes. The greatest week of my life was over.

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