Advanced mental coaching

Advanced mental coaching by Mario Beky

The secret of Advanced mental coaching? Why Advanced mental coaching by Mario Beky works? First of all read this story because this is my journey and how it all started.

I was working as children psychologist when I gathered valuable data from thousands of diagnosing tests. While working with 2 groups of clients with extremely different approaches I discovered something unusual. One group were clients struggling on daily basis with their behavior. The other group were clients with high success rate.

The secret

What was it that made 1 group succeed in favor over the group? The set of easy to understand instructions was everything children ever needed. This enabled me to develop a unique coaching system by which my little clients started:

  • to gain control over their emotions in challenging situations
  • setting up and executing goals which for them were without that emotional control unreachable
  • use simple psychology on everyday basis in order to achieve better outcome

About Advanced Mental Coaching

Advanced Mental Coaching works because it was evolved from proven results. My coaching seamlessly integrated into performance psychology in sports with similar effect. Consequently the one man mission became a team project. We’re continually expanding into various sports.

We’re currently cooperating with performance professionals from around the world. Our mission is deliver simple but effective psychology to every person with passion and desire to achieve professional results.

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