Affiliate program

Affiliate program for golf, tennis and learning

Affiliate program from MARIOBEKY is opportunity for active affiliates. We are looking for affiliates to promote our products and services. We create sportswear, books, sport psychology online courses for golfers and tennis players. MARIOBEKY, as a global brand, is focusing in delivering tools that are increasing personal mental and physical performance. Therefore we are looking for affiliates with stable connection to sports, especially golf and tennis.

The areas where we are looking for devoted affiliates

Become an affiliate for golf
Become an affiliate for golf
Become an affiliate for tennis
Here you can become an affiliate for learning

Frequently asked questions for affiliate program

What is Affiliate program by MARIOBEKY.COM?

It’s affiliate cooperation program for people with strong and stable connection to sports.

Who can become affiliate with MARIOBEKY.COM?

Everybody who will qualify himself / herself through simple initial screening. The link is posted below on this page.

What is the usual commission when working with MARIOBEKY.COM as an affiliate?

We are appreciating qualified and determined affiliates who are delivering visible long-term results therefore the affiliate commission is usually 30% from all completed and non-returned sales. Details in Terms and conditions.

Does MARIOBEKY.COM offers more than usual commission for affiliates?

Yes. The most efficient affiliates are offered VIP commission which is strictly individual.

How can affiliate see own statistics of referrals?

Very simply through Affiliate dashboard which shows details of successful and other referrals.

How long are valid started affiliate sessions for each user? (How long will be your affiliate link live?)

30 days.

What types of are rewards can you expect as an affiliate commission?

The commission rewards in MARIOBEKY affiliate program range up to 1000 € per product for VIP affiliates.

How quickly can you start with affiliate program?

Once you will complete initial 7 question screening and you will show high potential for cooperation, your application can be approved within 1 hour.

List of MARIOBEKY products and services

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MARIOBEKY has stable basis of followers on social networks. We support active sportsmen and sportswomen in their passion. Because of this fact we attract people who understand the power of their own potential. That is to say, big portion of them are returning clients. As an affiliate, you can use it as an advantage for your affiliate strategies. In other words, our products attract loyal customers. For instance, once you help a friend to use our products or services, it is very likely that your friend will return to you again. Above all, your friend may recommend you also to other potential clients. Hence, your effectiveness may multiply without necessarily increasing the effort.