Self-control in sport

Self-control in sport

Self-control in sport. Practicing the self-control in the game of golf. I will start slowly by citing few passages from a book we are preparing. If you don’t want to wait for publishing it, just jump into any level of online courses for golfers at our ACADEMY. I’m speaking about some of its parts there.

Golf is a game of decisions as some other sports.

Apart from that there are also sports that are games of actions. Good news is that whether it is the first or the second, you can gain control over the final result only by using one specific approach. You can gain control over your results by gaining control over your emotions. There is a proper way and we at MARIOBEKY are teaching our students about it.

Two choices and one way only

Observation of two players (with identical physical skills) shows possibilities for comparison. One of those two, who decides not to strengthen his mental game abilities will fail against the other who improves continuously. Control of physical components can be achieved only if your mind is set free. But how can you play in easy way when you are facing challenging situations? How can you achieve the well-being in your head when your ambitions force you to increase your actual performance? The answer is – You need a system.

When player takes control over his body and mind, he takes control over his entire game. Mastering the self-control is the deciding key. We will convert the external stirs into your internal power. You will feel stronger than ever before. You will feel stronger than everyone else in the field.

Mastering the self-control

Individual who takes control over his body and mind, takes control over his achievements. Mastering the self-control is the deciding key. It doesn’t matter if you are student, amateur player or individual with professional attitude (in career or in sport), you can gain control over your actions and results.

The more time will take your decision to start to improve your mind processes in sport, the longer route is ahead of you.

Advanced Mental Coaching is a program I created for everyday players. Here are some example areas you can strengthen by learning how your mind works. You can learn how to  gain self-control before, during and after the game. You will have much broader insight into situations of loosing and gaining back the control.

Additionally, you can learn how to master your breathing when your body is in tension. We will show you how to set up mental strategies on and off course. This and lot more awaits you. Take a step forward! It’s easy and fast, ebcause the start is just a click away.

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