Inner game practicing golf

Inner game practicing golf

Inner game practicing golf with Advanced mental coaching. Once you’ll start to use the advanced stages of golf you will focus in a different way. Higher inner game means – the lower gaming handicap the higher expectations. Better players aim to achieve specific goals and in specific time.

Inner game is the game you play inside your head but most of all it is the skill to control your body through your thoughts.

You don’t have to be professional golfer to have specific goals in your game such as advanced mental strategies. All you need is have own ambitions and will to win. Focusing on few basic options gives you more breathing space when you face tough opponents. Because one day it may take just one stroke to win.

How to play golf with help of golf psychologist

Mental Game Strategies

In our performance pocket guides we refer to 2 types of playing strategies. MARIOBEKY ACADEMY talks about strategies more and offers also additional courses. For example performance growth, emotional control, creed as a psychological factor, visualization, performance coefficient and many others.

Direct game-play in golf is many times chaos. Mental game strategies bring the order that helps you remain calm at all times.

Mental game strategies in Advanced Mental Coaching do offer Inner game for the new generations of golfers. Golf game is not only hitting the balls. Golf game is planed strategy – specific steps to specific goals. What seems to be difficult is in reality pretty simple process.

Taking control over the results

Don’t expect miracles because we are not shamans but psychologists. Every golfer can learn the basic of inner game very quickly. Performance pocket guides by MARIOBEKY concentrate on game that is happening inside of your head.

Learn to take control over your emotions and you will gain control over your results. We will show you how you can do it.

Start today! Go on the golf course. Get yourself in the game and then explore our amazing ACADEMY developed to be used in the game. Or just put our performance pocket guide into your pocket and enjoy the next best swing. Top Sport Psychology

Inner game practicing golf