Growing with the European Tour Golf – Anne Duffy, part 1/2

Growing with the European Tour Golf

Growing with the European Tour Golf. I am addict. Golf is my life, but unlike most golf addicts I have obsession to watching and analyzing play patterns and behaviors.

Growing with the European Tour Anne Duffy Mario Beky Advanced Mental Coaching
Anne Duffy with Peter Alliss and Simon Alliss. Copyright by Anne Duffy.

How did that come about?

Well, it began normally enough when my Dad took up the game.

I was about 5 and he let me use his putter on the carpet. I got my first sight of the game with professionals and got close to it on my 6th birthday. October 4th 1953 I really began my true vocation.

The News and Cartoon cinema had just opened in Grafton Street, Dublin and they showed a clip of the 1953 Ryder Cup.

Peter Alliss

I confirmed it was the game Dad played then sat up straight and glued my eyes on the screen.

They showed Peter Alliss playing a poor chip to the 18th green at Wentworth and then missing a short putt.

I asked myself “Why did he hit that bad shot? He had to be so much better than my Daddy or he wouldn’t be playing in it. But that was a bad shot.”



That was it. After trying to work it out I decided with disgust that I would have to wait until I was grownup to find out.

I committed myself then and there to learning the answer to “Why good players sometimes hit bad shots”.

Over 60 years later I know, these pages will trace what I did learn and the people and places I came across on my way. Click here and continue reading “Growing with the European Tour”.

This is the excerpt from Anne Duffy’s Golfing Memories. All content is written & photographed and copyrighted by Anne Duffy. We’re publishing these memories with kind approval of her. Read the beautiful stories from her life as a golf analyzer, coach & supporter.

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