About Mario Beky

About Mario Beky

About Mario Beky, MARIOBEKY.COM

MARIOBEKY.COM is divided into branches that are delivering products and services for people who want to achieve better results in sport, in school and in life.

I. Top Sport Performance

Original books, sport psychology academy, online courses, clothing and accessories for Mental game academy. In the Mental game academy we are helping active people in sports – amateur and professional players. We’re showing them how to recognize and strengthen their mental abilities. This way they can improve their scores in amateur and professional sports.

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II. Educatia

The Educatia – successful learning is a global project for schools and teaching institutions. We are showing how to learn and how to learn fast with long lasting effect. Schools or individuals are using our performance learning tools to achieve more effective learning process.

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About Mario Beky – the history

Mario Beky
Mario Beky

Mario Beky – is a professional performance psychologist who works with on-results oriented active people. The study of clients with a deficit of emotional control enabled him to develop a customizable self-training for people who want to achieve better results. This system now helps athletes and students around the world achieve their best mental potential in a very short time just by using a simple 3 step formula.

By the time, more and more people around the world discovered Mario’s technique of simple psychology for everyday life. This is how his team is evolving as his clients are becoming his friends and some of them even part of the team at MARIOBEKY.COM. Together are creating and improving new lines of products like Learn The Easy Way pocket guide, Tennis pocket psychology pocket guide or training tools for golf.

The future

When right people gather around a good idea, all is set for a fresh course. We are creating ways how can people even in every day life use simple hints to get better results. We are proudly developing products that are adjusting to you and that deliver results fast.

About Mario Beky – the contact

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