Biggest problem of amateur golfers will shock you!

Biggest problem of amateur golfers…

Biggest problem of amateur golf isn’t the slow pace of the game. Yep, it isn’t even high costs of golf clubs, membership fees or even the golf travels. Biggest problem of amateur golf lies somewhere in between. I’ll be frank with you, It’s slowly disrupting the golf itself from inside. I mean it literally. Trust me, I’m a psychologist who works with golfers and who is also a golfer. Continue reading because I’ll explain everything. But first of all let’s start from the other side and let me ask you few questions.

Reverse-engineering of the golf

How much time it takes you to think about the shot in pre-shot routine?

When you know on what concentrate and when you know how to focus, it takes seconds. Yes, it doesn’t take minutes but seconds. In our Mental Game Academy we teach golfers to set simple thinking procedure. This is enabling them to be at ease when they are about to hit a shot from any position. In general, if you are playing just for luck, your steps are practically the same. More or less. Even though it is the “more or less” that makes the difference.

What happens consequently after not performing correct pre-shot routine?

First of all, you are left for mercy of the luck and that is the last thing you want to happen. With high probability you will make a shot you don’t want to make. Your attention is getting fill up with unnecessary thoughts of fail and embarrassment. Additionally, this is affecting your next shot but also creates more dangerous situation. What situation? These new unwanted thoughts are stealing from the time you could have reserved for new pre-shot routine. Consequently, you’re in the same sport where you have been until now or even in much worse.

How much time do you spend thinking about stableford points you need to gain in order to (at least) keep your handicap?

A lot more than few seconds. Usually an ordinary golfer is in trap of watching own growth… Amateur golfer is a prisoner of outdated and socialist system that should make all golfers equal. Weekend golfers are obsessed with calculating the numbers of playing handicap. The time span that should be here for preparation of next shot is stolen by unnecessary bureaucracy of golf. We golfers have the privilege of having few seconds that should help us for the next drive, chip or putt. Unfortunately, this privilege is just virtual and bites deeply into our mental game

What is the solution for future golf?

There are no definitives and this is just one thing that needs to be dealt with urgently. Let’s get rid of playing handicap in golf. It will not only speed up the game. It will definitely speed up calculating of the results. For the good of amateur golfers themselves, it would take burden from their heads. The results won’t be boosted by some index but liberated from the political correctness. That is to say – golf will be once again an attractive and fun game to play.

How will “getting rid of playing handicap in golf” change the golf itself?

John will tell his neighbor “Tom, let’s go playing golf. They polished old rules and it became fast a modern sport. We will compare our scores and the winner gets a round for free. The game-play time is reduced now by 30 percent which means that we will come back home for the evening’s game.” Faster game equals more open tee times. More tee times equal more players on golf courses. And more golfers on the golf courses creating a growth of golf.

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The future of golf

The future of golf is bright when we sweep up the floor from old dust. One of the ways of doing so is by not using the handicap scoring system of amateur golf. Golf should be once again what it was in the beginning. As a result of that, golf will be again a game of strokes rather than the game of points a calculations. Let’s make golf simple a it will reward us with more interest from younger generations.