Best week of my life, Ryder Cup 1987 – Anne Duffy, part 1/2

Best week of my life, Ryder Cup 1987

Ryder Cup 1987 – the best week of my life. I’ve had some great days and weeks through golf, but by far my best has to be the Ryder Cup in Dublin Ohio. Why? What made it so extra super special? The basic answer has to be that a lot of very good things came together.

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European Team, winning moment, Ryder Cup 1987. Photo by Anne Duffy.

You’re going to Ryder Cup

Right from before it started. I was in a clubhouse during a pro-am and got to grab a seat beside some people I knew. During a lull in conversation Des Smyth asked me about my plans. I mentioned I was trying to make the Ryder Cup “but it will be a bit tight, financially”.

I had completely forgotten I was sitting beside multimillionaire Ben Dunne.

“he turned to me immediately and said “You can stop trying. You’re going. I’m paying for it. He turned to Des and told him to make the arrangements for me. What an almost unbelievable start.

Good luck cheek kiss

My arrival on the course on the first day was brilliantly timed. The European team had arrived at the halfway stop and saw me.

Seve Ballesteros called me over and nodded me past the security man and then asked me for a good luck cheek kiss.

“Glad you made it” he said. The others greeted me too and after sharing Seve’s caddy’s sandwiches I watched the lads play the back 9.

Tony Jacklin and Bernard Gallagher

The 2nd practice day was fairly normal in the morning. Took a few photos and got ready for the opening ceremony. I hung around for some quick hellos and some photos and tried to calm down.

Earlier I had met up with Tony Jacklin and Bernard Gallagher as they were observing play.

So I was able to get my photo taken after the hugs and good wishes.


Friday to Sunday it was walking around being absorbed in the play. It was when walking around I met up with an American fan with an Irish background.

By the time Sunday came we were friends. We still are.

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