Talent definition

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Talent definition Talent definition versus skill. Explanation in very detail. What’s the difference between talent and skill? What is more important for the success? Are talent and skills the same or are they different? You can learn more in this post which you can either read, listen to or watch. We are providing new interesting … Read more

Visualization In Sport

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Visualization in sport Visualization in sport, is it important? Ask any professional player of any sport this question and the answer will be similar. Yes and yes because of many reasons. Even though reason may be important, they only matter if we can control it. Visualization in sport is essential because it’s a road-map to … Read more

Caddyshack quotes explained

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Caddyshack quotes explained Caddyshack quotes explained in parts. This parts is referring about the part where caddy Danny was coached by Ty. But first of all we want to say that we don’t own any copyright to this movie. This movie is owned by Orion Pictures. We use this wonderful scene as an example of … Read more

Time management in sport

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Time management in sport The way how we do time management in anything has huge influence on how our results look like. Read, watch or listen to another from our MARIOBEKY psychology tips for sport, learning and life. Fortune favors those who are prepared. Romans did believe in this saying because it stands on personal … Read more

1 Minute Relaxing Technique

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1 Minute Relaxing Technique 1 Minute Relaxing Technique is here for all those who are about to face a challenging situation. Can you realize when the stress reactions starts to build in yourself? Can you define when your internal security system is being activated? I people knew how to properly relax, they would never use … Read more

10 life changing quotes

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10 life changing quotes 10 life changing quotes are very simple and therefore very effective. Look towards your goals. Subsequently, gain a healthy self confidence. Healthy confidence is not to be loudmouth and aggressive towards a weak person. In other words, it means to be opposite. Healthy confidence means to stand with both feet on … Read more

Psychology definition

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Psychology definition versus motivation Psychology definition versus motivation. Welcome to next episode of our series about the mental game and the sport psychology. Whether you are reading this blog article or you are listening to the podcast, or watching it on YouTube, you can learn more. You can learn more about yourself and your possibilities. We’re … Read more

Golf driving range is useless, unless…

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Golf driving range is useless, unless… Golf driving range is useless, unless you are practicing with Teaching Golf Professional. Practicing with golf PRO became something like a wild idea for everyday golfers. While many probably will object, I and my team stand very strongly on this opinion. We do strongly believe that practicing with golf … Read more

Golf news

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Golf news Golf news fan? Start here! We are performance professionals. This is an opportunity to create a solid foundation for your passion. We support you on the way to reaching your goals. We have something special that is easy to use & easy to understand. Instead of SHOULD I DO THIS?, ask yourself WHEN CAN I START? . … Read more

Golf tournament accessories

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Golf tournament accessories Modern golf tournament accessories. Should we use electronic devices in golf tournament or should we use rather traditional tools and accessories? It is up to us. But before you’ll make a harsh decision read this article and decide for yourself. You as a golfer has incredible privilege comparing to other sports. The … Read more

How to improve golf?

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How to improve golf? How to improve golf? Because of variability of options for golfers, it is really tough to make the right decision. You can choose whether you want to improve in traditional or the new way. Traditional improvement is specifically under experienced eye of golf PRO. New ways, comparing to that are using … Read more

Opal Hill – Golfing Legends Quiz 27

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MARIOBEKY.COM presents the Golfing Legends Quiz 27 – “Opal Hill”. Opal Hill. MARIOBEKY.COM presents the Golfing Legends Quiz 24 – Opal Hill. Question for this week is What is the name of this Golfing Legend? She is an American PRO Golfer. Her doctor recommended mild exercise and she took up golf at the age of … Read more