Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers

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Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers are now available for everyone to explore. There you have it. Go to driving range a practice with golf PRO. Recently some person posted photo of a book on which was written – Biggest secrets of golf (the book is empty … Read more

Caddyshack quotes explained

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Caddyshack quotes explained Caddyshack quotes explained in parts. This parts is referring about the part where caddy Danny was coached by Ty. But first of all we want to say that we don’t own any copyright to this movie. This movie is owned by Orion Pictures. We use this wonderful scene as an example of … Read more

Time management in sport

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Time management in sport The way how we do time management in anything has huge influence on how our results look like. Read, watch or listen to another from our MARIOBEKY psychology tips for sport, learning and life. Fortune favors those who are prepared. Romans did believe in this saying because it stands on personal … Read more

Golf handicap, mental coach golf

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Golf handicap, mental coach golf. Golf handicap and the way  to improvement through the most important golf shot. It would be really suspicious if this was too easy, wouldn’t it? But what if this one is really simple? First of all we all need to understand and apply into our game a trick. That is to say, it’s ability to manage your thoughts, rather than a trick.

Lee Trevino – Golfing Legends Quiz 5

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MARIOBEKY presents the Golfing Legends Quiz – Lee Trevino. What is the name of this golfing legend? p.s. a hint – he was the first player to shoot all four regulation rounds under par at the U.S. Open. The correct answer is Lee Trevino. All who will enter the correct answer on the timeline of … Read more

Was Ben Hogan right or wrong?

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Was Ben Hogan right or wrong? Was Ben Hogan right or wrong? Let’s find out! Was Ben Hogan wrong or not? The most important shot in golf is the next one. If you are a golfer, you probably heard this quote from the golfing legend, Ben Hogan. Can the most vibrant golfing quote ever be … Read more

Golf is for everyone

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Golf is for everyone! It’s simple. Golf is for everyone. It’s simple. Golf belongs into the school. Not only in America, in Europe as well. Establishing golf as a subject in every public and private school would change the whole schema in thinking of kids. Consequently, then also in adults. The change would affect the whole society … Read more

The golf range lessons

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The golf range lessons The golf range lessons are in decline. Recently, I read in internet discussion something that was very interesting. One line caught my attention particularly and made me think about it deeply.  In addition, I decided to publish my first ever LinkedIn post. The line said. The newest and lowest numbers indicate … Read more

Super speed golf improvement

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How super speed golf improvement works? How it works? Super speed golf improvement. First of all – you need to understand very important thing. Just because you changed your thinking (and practiced hard) you learned to walk. This same goes for improvement in golf. If you wouldn’t change your thinking, you’d be crawling to this very … Read more