Super speed golf improvement

How super speed golf improvement works?

How it works? Super speed golf improvement. First of all – you need to understand very important thing. Just because you changed your thinking (and practiced hard) you learned to walk. This same goes for improvement in golf. If you wouldn’t change your thinking, you’d be crawling to this very day.

First is your mind, then is everything else.

Super speed golf improvement works. Thing is – you need to filter all motivational quotes because they are the opposite. We use something different. No imagination and no virtual what-so-ever. Just imagine, where you could have been if the improvement others promised you would work.

Easy to understand system

Advanced Mental Coaching by Mario Beky is a sophisticated but easy to understand system. Whether you decide to use any of its part or full program, you’ll make a smart decision. We offer the most advanced system of coaching oriented on individual experience.

You don’t have to be professional, to be a good player. All you need is love for the game.

What is your game? Do you love to play golf, tennis, cricket or something else? We will show you that increasing performance is just another simple habit. Once you’ll learn it, you will use it without thinking about it. As in life, the Simple things are the most valuable. Our goal from the very beginning is to help players in the most simple way.

Super speed in two levels

How it works? In first speed level our students can start within few seconds. You can decide if you want to learn basics for free or move your game onto a higher level. If you want to save money, browse through our free content. If you are a active player, apply for our MENTAL GAME ACADEMY or CLUB.

Are you active or strategic golfer?

Academy has 3 tiers. Pick whatever level you want to achieve in your game. Unlike other online courses, we are sending to our students also a performance package. The package includes mental game pocket guide, custom yardage books and Academy uniform.

Second level is how our coaching works. The coaching program is a simplified in our pocket guides, therefore it is always with you. You can take then into any competition, for example a golf tournament.

Positive feedback

We experience 100% positive feedback from our customers. Choose your way to become a better, in other words, customize your game a determine your results! We are proud to be the first and the best in providing the mental game. In short, we specifically started with amateur players as no one else did before.

The passion in amateur sport is the most virgin one because it is not tied with contracts.

Additionally, there is so little support for everyday players. Their results are not the most significant and yet they do sports with the same passion.

Do you want to beat your golfing buddies? Do you want to finally win over your tennis partner? You are just one step away from being better. What holds you back? This is where you can start your super speed golf journey – ACADEMY  or MASTERCLASS LIBRARY.

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