Time management in sport

Time management in sport

The way how we do time management in anything has huge influence on how our results look like. Read, watch or listen to another from our MARIOBEKY psychology tips for sport, learning and life.

Fortune favors those who are prepared.

Romans did believe in this saying because it stands on personal experience. The value of physical versus mental preparation if equal. We strongly believe that this equality backs our success in all levels. But first of all we need to understand how this works. Consequently we will be able to gain control over our results

Time is precious.

Time & health are THE most precious commodity in improvement. You are here because you want to learn how to use time management it wisely. The more time you are gaining the more confident you can feel in the sport.

Having time means having confidence

The more confidence you have the more control you’ll gain over your opponents. Therefore make sure to take control over your time. It also works in opposite. Those who will finally gain the control over their time and actions will gain control over everything.

Your opponents in sport are just like you. They have dreams, expectations and they do also have fears. One of those fears is you.

Many times we don’t realize that thinking in vise versa is quite functional. What do you fear most in sport? Many times it is your opponent who is confident. He is not pretending it because it would be easily overlooked. What if you would to the same? Easier said as done but not impossible. There are multiple ways how to gain confidence and consequently the advantage.

Practice to be perfect

Nothing goes without practicing. The regular practicing under wings of professional instructors is necessary. In this example teaching golf professionals are those instructors. Focus on your goals. Your vision in the match is aiming for that specific goal.

Visualize you as a fearless achiever. Try to remember how badly you want your name on that trophy.

Practicing is strengthening our ability to be consistent and therefore is supporting our progress. We may believe in the final success it is however the consistency and preparation that is helping us to be closer to our goals. Believe, practice and execute!

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