The golf range lessons

The golf range lessons

The golf range lessons are in decline. Recently, I read in internet discussion something that was very interesting. One line caught my attention particularly and made me think about it deeply.  In addition, I decided to publish my first ever LinkedIn post. The line said.

The newest and lowest numbers indicate that only 1.3 out of every 10 golfers choose to take a lesson.

If it’s true, 1.3 is a horrible number! Many teaching PRO golfers still are doing pretty good, despite of that. Maybe even better that some of Tour PROs. (At least, by the prestigious lifestyle photos they post on social sites.) The problem is that interest in golf is weak and golf ranges are without lessons taken on them.

Without practicing there is no progress

In our world the number 1.3 screams out loud that 9 out of 10 golfers, either practice by themselves or don’t practice at all. It indicates that golfers really like to live in fantasy. They tend to invest lot of money into the new equipment. Consequently, they avoid to invest into lessons which offer higher possibility of getting better.

Imagine a student who is purchasing new pencils, new notebooks just because he believes that they can make him study better.

That kind of student must A. have access to magic supplies that really work or B. is on the wrong truck and that truck is heading into the land of the slow.

It’s all theoretical

We may have will but if we take wrong turn, all our effort is useless. The defying condition doesn’t have to be always “the equipment”, it can also be the lack of theoretical basis. No, I’m not pointing at lack of self-confidence or strength of self-motivating.

Positive attitude doesn’t necessary equal effective attitude,

If I have a flat tire, I can be the most positive person in the whole wide universe. Unless I know proper techniques how to repair it or change it, nothing will change to good. I can say positive phrases all day long, it won’t help. Golf is NOT different. However, I’m 100% positive that I have resolution for increasing that 1.3 %.

Mutual help

You haven’t heard of me? Now, you’d better remember my name, because I can help to raise that number up to 4.0!!! I can and I will. With a little mutual help from PRO golfers, I could triple the interest of amateur golfers for practicing.


In reality that means that teaching PRO could have 3 times more clients, bigger house, faster boat, etc. Secondly, with increased interest in golf, the number and the quality of productive golf professionals can increase significantly as well.

Confidence in correct strategy

The BIGGEST BENEFIT could be better field of golfers, the stronger competition overall, the more fun on golf courses and in life. How about that? I’m not crazy, I’m just confident about my 10 bucks schema that could raise golf business worldwide.

Give me 10 dollars / euros and I will change the game of golf forever*.

This recipe, however, depends on theoretical premise I read in Internet discussions I mentioned in the beginning of this post. The number 1,3 must be true!

Mental game

In recent years we see the new fashion in golf – professional golfers are using more and more mental game. Even the golf sport is starting to recognize the power of mind control. Controlling of the internal processes has the same effect on the scoring as the practicing of body movements.

Golfers are maybe getting more and more athletic. However, the variety of body types and span between age of winners in professional golf tells clearly something important. Mental game / practical golf psychology is the most significant factor that defines the score.

That makes the mental game and mental coaching the equal part of physical preparation. ADVANCED MENTAL COACHING was created with one major goal – give mental game training to all golfers. We believe, that mental game is for everyone. When we open gates to mental game of golf, the golf will start to rise again.

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* With 10 USD or EUR I am referring to the cost of my PERFORMANCE POCKET GUIDE – GOLF THE EASY WAY. This guide is delivering simple mental game of golf to everyday golfers.

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