Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers

Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers

Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers are now available for everyone to explore. There you have it.

Go to driving range a practice with golf PRO.

Recently some person posted photo of a book on which was written – Biggest secrets of golf (the book is empty there are no secrets). I personally disagree with it and therefore I’m explaining this in the video.

If there were no secrets, golf teaching professionals would go out of their business. However, there are secrets. Above all, they are available to every golfer. The only difference between god and bad golfers is quite obvious.

Good golfers are using them every single day with no exception.

The truth is however that majority of golfers is not good enough. The reason why is that is very simple. Actually there are at least two reasons.


Why do golfers suck at golf?

Let’s predict that there are no secrets. If perfect golfing instructions are available to everyone, then why is this not a reality? Reason number 1 is that ordinary golfers do not practice. According to these rules, they don’t practice enough or they don’t practice at all. Consequently they are not improving their game.

The perfect golfing instructions are available for everyone.

Just imagine another situation. The golfers are practicing and they are still not improving their game. There are many golfers who are hitting the balls on the driving range and yet with no effect. The results are not coming despite the fact that they invested a tons of money into their equipment.

Second possible reason why do golfers not improve

There is also a possibility that instructions which supposed to be perfect are not perfect at all. That would also mean that some of those who are giving the instructions are not eligible. They either don’t know proper instructions or they are not giving them to their students.

Feel the motion of the swing and practice with golf PRO so you can have your motion get fixed.

In the audio podcast below I will tell you a very simple trick how you can start to feel motion of your swing. The golf swing is about the feel therefore when you will start to feel it, you will start to improve your game. There are probably no perfect instructions in golf. However, there are simple fundamentals you should make before any improvement. Official Facebook page – Top Sport Psychology.

Golf driving range tips for beginner golfers