Caddyshack quotes explained

Caddyshack quotes explained

Caddyshack quotes explained in parts. This parts is referring about the part where caddy Danny was coached by Ty. But first of all we want to say that we don’t own any copyright to this movie. This movie is owned by Orion Pictures. We use this wonderful scene as an example of great lesson in golfing psychology.

Visualization in sport is essential because it’s a road-map to your desired destination.

We discussed it in one of our blog posts. Check it our here – this is the link. Even though this movie is a comedy it features amazing hints how to be a good golfer. Ty is saying to Danny “Be The Ball’!.

Be The Ball

Simple and yet a powerful phrase which can save lot of bad shots. In golfing psychology we call it “clearing the visualization”. The player must focus on one thing only despite many stirs. But are the external stirs really that influential?

Is it the environment that is influencing us in important moments or is it something else?

To be honest, there is nothing like external factor whether we like it or not. No external factor influences our game at all. It is always our thoughts that are in the control. Even if we may feel that someone’s scream made us miss-hit it is always us in the control. Character of  Ty is not even trying but he is still teaching us very important lesson.

Controlling The Thoughts

Even though Ty’s character was fictional, his message is real. His ability not to care what others think was helping him to be successful. No external factor, no regrets or anything else has control over him. Player, not only in golf but players of any sport must follow Ty’s example.

Only if you reject all external factors, only then you can start to concentrate on yourself. It is always only you and your game.

There are many factors that we may call external. We cannot let them influence our thoughts. Our goals in any sport are simple. First of all we must practice on physical abilities to make our chances high. Second, we must learn to create a mind shell that will protect us from external stirs.


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