Golf is for everyone

Golf is for everyone! It’s simple.

Golf is for everyone. It’s simple. Golf belongs into the school. Not only in America, in Europe as well. Establishing golf as a subject in every public and private school would change the whole schema in thinking of kids. Consequently, then also in adults. The change would affect the whole society continuously.

Emotional control

The so called “Life skill” taught from golf, for me as a psychologist, is the schema of abilities how to control emotional and motivational systems. In reality it means that if a child would like to achieve good scores in the competition, it will be “forced” to obey rules of golf. That is to say the basics of sportsmanship.

What is sportsmanship for you?

The Etiquette is just a one side of coin. The effective golf swing is outcome of ability to control your body movements combined with ability to control the mind processes.

School systems

The golfing in the schools would “force” every child to learn to control itself. Even those who refuse to behave would have to learn to control themselves. Expectations of actual school systems are based on the results from tests oriented on memorizing.

Majority of education targets on memorizing. This leads into less creativity and ZERO self control.

Comparing to that, the results from golfing activities would put the CONTROLLING FACTOR on the first place. Because without controlling yourself you are not able under any circumstances gain good result.

There’s another significant beneficial factor of placing golf in front of every kid. When you walk the course you distributes the energy combustion into “walking the fairways”. In comparrison to just “running the track”, your brain is evenly supplied with oxygen for a longer time. Therefore it strengthens more.

Fitness, self-control and manners

Golf on every school is the best idea world had in years. Every child would have to fight for itself. Let’s place the golf into the schools. It is a game of life and it is a game for everyone. There is no social status, nor the color of the skin.

The only variables are the fitness, the self-control and orientation on manners and honor.

Amateurs, professionals, juniors, seniors, veterans, disabled, black, white, blue, yellow poor or rich are playing from the same tees. The only difference is in the playing handicap. We all play from passion and for fun. Time for golf has come! Let the golfing revolution begin because the golf is for everyone!


p.s. Imagine that smile on little Mark’s face when teacher would tell him “Mark, you missed the whole last week in the school. I’m sure that you know already what that means. You need to catch up with class. So, instead of history you’ll have to play two rounds of golf!


In recent years we see the new fashion in golf – professional golfers are using more and more mental game. Even the golf as sport is starting to recognize the power of mind control. Controlling of the internal processes has the same effect on the scoring as the practicing of body movements. That makes the mental game and mental coaching the equal part of physical preparation. Advanced Mental Coaching was created with one major goal – give mental game training to all golfers. We believe that mental game is for everyone.

We believe

Amateur golfers have the same right to use advantages of the mental game exercises as the Pro Golfers have. Therefore we created PERFORMANCE POCKET GUIDES  and MENTAL GAME ACADEMY. Using the mental game is simple.

Our minds work on the very simple principles which are controllable by any healthy human being.

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