How golf psychology works

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How golf psychology works? How golf psychology works?  What psychology isn’t? First thing I want to mention what psychology isn’t. Psychology isn’t motivation or motivational quotes of any sorts. Psychologists are not motivators or influencers and many times influencers are not psychologists. Psychology isn’t spiritual, transcendental experience. Psychology isn’t using spiritual healing or transcendental … Read more

Focusing In Sport

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Focusing In Sport Focusing in sport. Concentration and attention In Sport. Our performance is in divided into two parts. First is our mind performance and the second is the body performance. We cannot separate them because they rely closely on each other. In order to follow up fully with this post we recommend to read … Read more

Visualization In Sport

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Visualization in sport Visualization in sport, is it important? Ask any professional player of any sport this question and the answer will be similar. Yes and yes because of many reasons. Even though reason may be important, they only matter if we can control it. Visualization in sport is essential because it’s a road-map to … Read more

Relaxing techniques

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Relaxing techniques Relaxing techniques before, during & after the game, when “Just relax!” is not enough.”It is always good to have time reserve before an important match. The lack of time is a significant factor that increases stress. Less time pushes golfer to the shorter training sessions. Advanced golfer knows that a good swing requires … Read more