How golf psychology works

How golf psychology works?

How golf psychology works?

What psychology isn’t?

First thing I want to mention what psychology isn’t.

Psychology isn’t motivation or motivational quotes of any sorts.

Psychologists are not motivators or influencers and many times influencers are not psychologists.

Psychology isn’t spiritual, transcendental experience.

Psychology isn’t using spiritual healing or transcendental experiences. Psychologists are not shamans or self-proclaimed pastors. In other words, they are scientists. Psychologists gather data and use it to create a desired effect. For golf player it means. To observe, to understand and to execute the way you want it! Yes, it means – I AM IN THE CONTROL!

What is psychology?

Now I’ll tell you what golf psychology is.

Psychology is power.

Do you remember moment when you first hit the ball so that you knew how you did it? In that moment you felt something strong inside of you. This was the feeling of having Power over the outcome. You used a proper tool and it worked. Your mind remained calm and everything went smooth.

Psychology is control.

Psychology is anything but coincidence. Yes, psychologists do use motivation but just as examples of emotional support. Psychologists do work with actual tools. Because only psychological tools, such tests, plans, strategies create lasting change in personality. In opposite, the motivation is here to makes us to feel better for short period of time.

Psychology is victory.

Everything we need for improvement is already in our heads. What Psychology does, is that it explains to a player how the thoughts can be layered and in which order. That is to say, we remain in control despite the circumstances. While others struggle, we are staying calm and in control. Combining the ability of being calm with correct movements taught us by teaching golf professional we are getting closer to a Victory.

Psychology helps you gain the control

It is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing. Often that information overload is keeping you from having success. But it’s going to be OK because I’m here to help you. I am here to help you and if you ever been concerned about various reasons. For example.

  • You’re just not talented enough to play golf relatively well
  • or if your personality is just too explosive when having a hard time on the golf course OR
  • if you think that you are too old, too young, too slow, no athletic enough or whatever other reason –

I want to put those fears to rest because you can do this.You just need the right person to explain it to you and show you the way.

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