Relaxing techniques

Relaxing techniques

Relaxing techniques before, during & after the game, when “Just relax!” is not enough.”It is always good to have time reserve before an important match. The lack of time is a significant factor that increases stress. Less time pushes golfer to the shorter training sessions.

Advanced golfer knows that a good swing requires perfect physical and mental condition.

Every mistake is clearly visible mainly with the very long or very short strokes.” You can relax before or after the game. You can relax even in between shots. That means you can calm down in unexpected situations. That all can be executed without unnecessary attention of your teammates.

The knowledge is the Power

Many golfers do experience just promises from golf professionals. The know how to teach swing but only few know the psychology itself. By few we mean very little amount.

Don’t listen to person who is saying: “Just relax!”.Don’t listen to person who is telling to you: “Focus!”.

This is not enough! We at MARIOBEKY.COM are telling you how to do it exactly. In steps. But most of all – in an easy way.

You are welcome

We are giving you an opportunity to learn to control the whole process of relaxing your body. Using psychology not only means to listen. Using psychology means to identify, to describe and to control your behavior. Not everything you learned about the psychology of golf is correct.

It is much easier to learn and much easier to perform in real situation.

But the most important outcome is more Fun in the game. Enter! You are welcome! Your time has come! Choose your path and shape your results. Start today by following us on Facebook and YouTube!

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