Visualization In Sport

Visualization in sport

Visualization in sport, is it important? Ask any professional player of any sport this question and the answer will be similar. Yes and yes because of many reasons. Even though reason may be important, they only matter if we can control it.

Visualization in sport is essential because it’s a road-map to your desired destination.

However, it’s not simple as you might think but stay calm. When you are going on a vacation you are visualizing even how you pack your things. You see yourself get out of the car or airplane. You visualize how you are entering your hotel room and how your feet first touch the warm sand on the beach.

External factors

The question is – do you do this also within your sport?

There are your goals and there is you.

Somewhere in between are external factors. After all we tend to fail on the fairway, pitch or anywhere else. Many times this influence crushes our dreams whether we like it or not. What is it that has the main impact on your progress or regress? For some it can be your parent, spouse, club members, friends, fans, even environment. We are calling them also external stirs.

The external stirs try to enter our comfort zone and make affect on our results.

Our bubble just blasts and everything goes in the direction which we don’t like. Although the external stirs can be influential on our experience, mostly in negative way, they are not important at all. What if I told you that it works in a different way?

Internal factors

Our visualization is what is happening in our heads solely. Yes, it is me who is in the control over everything (well, almost). The way how do we let “the external factors” in our minds is exactly the same as… Yes, you are right, exactly the same as we DO NOT let them enter our minds.

Therefore external factors are not important because in fact in the moment in which they enter our minds they are becoming internal factors.

That means that we have the control whether they will or won’t influence our results. Simple. Get any performance pocket guide from our store. You will learn how you can take control not only over external stirs but also over other factors in your game.


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