Active versus strategic golfer

Active versus strategic golfer

Masterclass – Active versus strategic golfer. Therefore we will learn today together about 2 types of golfers. After that, we can build from their characteristics next steps. Subsequently, you can adjust your practicing plans to your playing personality. This can positively affect our playing approach directly in the game.

Golf psychology is simple. We can understand what we can a what we can’t change. At least from our perspective. Have you seen the webinar about introducing our new Mental game academy? The basics of golf and performance psychology were discussed right there.

What is better for golf, activity or versus strategy?

But let’s talk about the playing personalities directly. What kind of playing personality am I? What makes me play a little bit better? Let’s look at the 3 signs which may indicate that I am Active or Strategic player.

The Advanced Mental Coaching is the improvement program. Remember following because it’s important. We need to define player’s personality before we start to work together. This creates more welcoming conditions for player in first place. You can identify your playing personality in individual coaching. Additionally, you can it by yourself it’ll open you new possibilities for your improvement.

Podcast – Active golfers versus strategic golfer

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