Pocket Golf Psychology Book – golf mental game book into your pocket

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“The whole guide is literally filled with energy…”
– review by Golf Channel.*

Golf Channel

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Pocket Golf Psychology Book – golf mental game book into your pocket

Pocket Golf Psychology Book – golf mental game book into your pocket. Your mental game coach that is all the time with you.

Practical and simple instructions of mental game for direct application on the golf course. Fully customizable to your age and playing level.

Sections of the book

Theory and practices

  1. How to play better – simple hack
  2. Immediate response
  3. Psychology of golf as a mental advantage
  4. Stress and golf – origin of stress, reasoning, reverse process of stress, management
  5. Relaxing techniques – before, during and after the round of golf, as well as practicing
  6. Rethinking of mental approach / calculations
  7. Cognitions and golf – 3 pillars of success, clear vision
  8. Advanced practicing techniques – putting, short game, distance practicing, club metering, virtual play, mental preparation
  9. Mental strategies – focusing on achieving predetermined goals, global and active strategy, 5 stages to win, the most intimate moment of golf
  10. Game-play routine – Icarus activity approach, pre-tournament warm-up, golf experiment / variables
  11. Self-confidence – belief as a psychological factor, mind + power = control, inner balance

Customizable part

  1. Custom club yardage / metering
  2. Mental game achievements
  3. 3 your mind
  4. Score-charts
  5. In the bag check list
  6. Golfing goals
  7. Custom global / active strategy
  8. Practicing plan
  9. Custom virtual play
  10. List of mistakes
  11. Practicing calendar
  12. Evaluation
  13. Course map indicators
  14. Visual memory matrix

You are your mental coach

Pocket Golf Psychology literally means to have your own mental coach by your side. So you don’t have to rely on external resources. Additionally, your mind is becoming free from all external factors. In other words, you will start to have more fun playing golf. In contrast, there will be less uncontrollable shots.

Therefore you will gain control over seconds before shots. Subsequently, your score will improve. However, not by an accident but because of your newly acquired skills. Above all, your passion for golf will become stronger than ever before. That is to say, Pocket Golf Psychology is a wheel invention in golf and it is starting a new era of this beautiful game.

Golf mental game book into your pocket

Since this is a a pocket guide you can literally have it on you all the time. Consequently, you are always in the presence of a pocket coach that is keeping an eye on you. Rather than being conquered by another challenging situation you will just take it and quickly find smart tips and tricks.

Furthermore, it will be even more effective when you will define customizable parts before the game. Almost every golfer who uses Pocket Golf Psychology, uses it also at home and on the driving range. Because of its nature of being used in planning, practicing as well as playing, it such an ideal helper as golf has never seen before.

Golf academies and teaching golf professionals

Moreover, it is truly an ideal, the most complete and yet the most simple mental game tool for golf professionals. While golf pro can focus on teaching kids mechanics of the swing, this pocket guide stands as a self-learning companion for e.g. kids in golf academy. Therefore, golf pro has more time and energy while the pocket guide serves its purpose on its own.

Due to the fact that this pocket guide strongly backs the fundamentals of psychological theory and practical part, it is a complete package of mental game perfection. Additionally, since it is available in printed form only it also helps to move students eyes from the phone and focus on golf only.

Pure benefits of mental game in the pocket

In conclusion, golfers who are using Pocket Golf Psychology are drawn to the game more. As a result of that, their scores are getting better in a long run.

Why do golfers use Mario’s Pocket Golf Psychology?

“Mario’s book is filled with incredible energy which can be used directly on the golf course.”

Sport psycholgy


Tomáš Krištof

Mario’s pocket guide has been life changing for me. I managed to jump from playing over 100 shots per round into 80’s in less than 1 season. Thanks’ to Mario, I started winning tournament after tournament. Since this made huge impact on my game I contacted Mario and we decided to create similar training aid for tennis players, since I am a tennis coach as well.

I managed to change my thinking approach and regularly play 75 shots per round even in situations under pressure. Thanks to Mario I recently became also a Club Champion.


Alberto Torres

It’s been a wonderful tool to know and discover the qualities of this guide. My game was a disaster, most of that because my mind wasn’t at the same time in my game, I was out of focus and can’t find the way to be on track mentally again. Since I discover Mario and talk with him about this product, I totally change the way my game was. I start to understand why some things happens in game and why not.

Also give me strength and tips to be focus, to handle my mind, to know what to do at certain situations and most of all: To learn something new every day. This is a guide that every single golfer needs it, you don’t have to read a lot, just a couple of pages in certain days and when you think things don’t go good outside, go back and read it and practice, you’ll notice the difference very fast.

Jason Litchfield

I’ve been looking for some literature on the mental side of golf and this book helps with that! This book focuses on keeping your mind in the game during the game! Not to let bad shots keep you down…move onto the next shot! …it gives you ways of doing that too! Great book for golfers of all types! Thanks, Mario…for taking the time to put all this together for us little guys!

Lyle Kirkham

Mario created a physical device you can have on the golf course that can top your psychological knowledge as in when you require it. The other books are fantastic but if I’m continuously searching for the right chapter to find a certain technique, it’s time consuming. I use Mario’s Pocket guide in my personal game because of the applied nature of it. It follows a 3 step rule. #1 it’s simple, #2 it’s effective and #3 it’s customizable.

It introduce you to the theories like self-talk, imagery and relaxation but it allows you customize that to your game. Because we all know, that it might work for one person but it doesn’t work for the other.

So for you golfers out there that want to strengthen your psychological profile, maybe you suffer with first tee nerves or you struggle to prepare for upcoming rounds, I am urging you to check out Mario’s training because it’s fully customizable to your own game and it’s one of those tools you can on and off the golf course to help you.

Gareth Shaw

Sport psychologist
Teaching Golf Pro

Mario’s pocket guide has made me stop and think before every golf shot I make. Pocket book has given me an insight into my shot patterns and areas to improve.

Alex Carter

Mario’s pocket guide has helped me become a more consistent and smarter golfer.

Luke Foulser

Mario’s pocket guide has helped me move on to be another level golfer. The attention to detail helped me build upon my strengths and weaknesses.

Nick Rigg

Intriguing as it gives a different perspective for analyzing individual shots.

Everett Mccurdy

Mario’s pocket guide is full of helpful positive reinforcement tips and ways to keep those bad shots from taking their toll. I recommend Mario’s guide to anyone who struggles with the mental side of the game or for anyone new to golf. 2 Thumbs Up!

Jitka Chramostová

I like the pocket guide. I’m reading it over and over again. During the game I tried to think according to their advice. I also tried stress breathing and it really works.

Additional information

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Dimensions150 × 110 × 10 mm

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