Introduction to golf pre-tournament routine, psychology of golf

Introduction to golf pre-tournament routine, psychology of golf

Introduction to golf pre-tournament routine, psychology of golf. This is where all the changes start to bee seen. You can use it fast so you can move directly forward with your golf game. Golfers who use this simple but very effective line of tricks from mental game getting better results.

Playing golf just for fun

Anyway, – what is pre-tournament routine? You don’t have any because you are playing golf just for fun? Wait a second! Do you even participate in golf tournaments?

There are two types of golfers who are watching this Masterclass. You either want to eliminate problem you have or you want to achieve specific goal.

Do you run or do you chase?

First type of golfer is running from something while the other one is chasing something. Both ways are matter of choice. I wonder what type of player you are.

“What kind of approach suits you best? In what conditions you are most comfortable in?”

The way you are answering these and similar questions is also slowly uncovering your playing personality and your actual pre-tournament routine.

How to play golf with help of golf psychologist

Choose, adjust and see needle to move

The Advanced Mental Coaching the customizable training program I created aims to be as simple and as adjustable as it gets. In following posts you will see multiple stages from pre-tournament routine – or warm up – as it is called in our performance pocket guides.

Pick – the one you like. Choose even more than one of them. But the best way would be to use them all and in the correct order. If you want to get the most recent updates our Facebook page – Top Sport Psychology connects players like you are. Some of them are professional and some of them amateur golfers. Even though they are playing with most recent clubs, they all having issues with their thinking on golf course. If you skipped mental game in your introduction golf, this is a perfect way to get things back in correct position. Only this way you can achieve balance in your golf game.