What is MARIOBEKY Masterclass?

What is MARIOBEKY Masterclass?

MARIOBEKY Masterclass is collection of webinars about sport psychology and performance tips.

Amateur players can learn about mental game for free. Practical sport psychology is finally available for everybody. Passionate players can enjoy their game more. Rather then just dreaming about playing better, people learn how to do it.

We simplified the mental game practices. This way can players have more fun and consequently achieve score better. In other words, any player will enjoy his sport more. Therefore we created training videos for players of any age, abilities and expectations.

How to make mental game available to everyone?

We upload every month a new sport psychology training video. This is the series called the Masterclass. For period of 1 month the video training will be available for free. Players from around the world can watch it, learn from it and share it. Once we upload a new Masterclass video, we’ll consequently put the previous one in Masterclass Library.

There are many reasons to watch Masterclass regularly. Above all, it keeps you ahead of competition. You’ll start by learning new things. After that, you’ll use it on the next day.

What is Masterclass Library?

While new LIVE Masterclass videos are available for free, we’re storing previous videos to a safe place. The access to Masterclass Library is exclusively available for members of MARIOBEKY Club only. Players can go back to all Masterclasses and not to miss anything.

How not to miss any new Masterclass? Accept notifications from MARIOBEKY.COM and follow us on social media. In addition to that we’re adding highlights from all webinars in – Masterclass Stories. The access to Masterclass Library is exclusively available for members of MARIOBEKY Club only.

How to register free for next Masterclass?

Head to Masterclass Library and click on the latest Masterclass Registration.

How to become a member of Club?

Click here to learn if you’re qualifying.

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