Golfing playing personality, golf sports psychology

Golfing playing personality, golf sports psychology

Golfing playing personality, golf sports psychology. Your playing personality is helping you to set up own game-play routine.

Signs of active golfer

What kind of golfing playing personality am I? What makes me play a little bit better? Let’s look at the 3 signs which may indicate that I am Active player.


I love to keep things going. When I hit the shot, I use my time efficiently therefore I’m going right after the next shot. Once I’m forced to stop, either by other people or some unexpected conditions on the golf course, I’m starting to feel urge to continue.

Continuous game play

What helps me better is the continuous game play.

I, either go for the shot immediately without preparation or take not more than 1 practice swing. Above all, over-analyzing isn’t my cup of the tee and I love to play along same kind of players. Active player likes to keep his practicing swift and tidy.

Practicing sessions and time on the driving range are maybe shorter than those of strategic player but his practices are aimed for time efficiency. Once he figures out how things work he moves to a new objective.

Golf playing signs of strategic golfer

Playing personality of strategic player differentiate from playing personality of active player. Interesting comparison of those two types of golfers will help you identify what kind of player you are. Let’s look at the 3 most significant factors that may indicate that you are more strategic golfer.

The pace of the game of strategic golfer is more schematic. Strategy requires to be sure before taking action. If search for the ball allows to be 3 minutes, he’ll use them to the full. If he believes that he’ll need more than a sand wedge from the bunker than he takes another club as well.

Golfing playing personality, golf sports psychology

Thinking in advance

Just try to remember if you ever returned to the golf bag for getting the lob wedge. This was because you realized in bunker that the sand is wet. In other words, it wouldn’t be possible to get the ball out with that extra bounce that comes with regular sand wedge.

Strategic golfer saves time in advance.

The approach for strategic player is mostly more tactical. That is to say, he proceeds to the shot only after taking several practicing swings. In addition, this kind of golfer uses all the necessary time for gaining result that rules do allow him to take.

Practicing of a player with stronger strategic tendencies is layered and planned into small details. He observes, reflects and works in small steps. He takes small and regular bites of observation and knowledge and transforms them in own game. Top Sport Psychology

Golfing playing personality, golf sports psychology