Golfer’s Dream

Golfer’s Dream

Golfer’s Dream. I have a dream. I have a dream that one day following will happen. Instead of waiting for a lesson with a Golf Pro I will just practice on my own. I choose to practice anywhere I want, anytime I want. This will save me money for an overpaid lesson from under-skilled person. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to progress without being slowing down by independent expectations? Wouldn’t it be great to feel free? I could go to any area of the practice range and pick from multiple practices. Same as the idea of unlimited variability of practicing these practices will be here only for me. This will be probably the most simple and yet the most effective encounter since I started to play golf. Consequently to this I will improve much faster then I did so far. And maybe even much more constantly.

Freedom in Golf

Because of this New Freedom I will find the Joy that was in my game a long time ago. While enjoying this new experience I’ll gain a new friend that will be my best golfing buddy ever. Rather than making compromise and choose between my old golfing buddies and better players, I’ll pick something new. What if there will be a companion for me with whom I’ll gain back the confidence I once had? Wouldn’t it be fantastic? What if there was a friend as a source of hints with which I won’t break any actual rule? One day I will have a golfing buddy who will be my coach that I could take to any tournament. My imaginations are even more wild as it seems. Opposite to everything I knew so far, my new golfing friend will be one step further.

Instant Improvement in Golfing

I may be a dreamer but first of all, try to understand that I’m a realistic person with grounded anticipations. I just want the best and not pay more than is needed for services I’m getting. So if this kind of friend would exist I not only want from him to be loyal to me in any kind of weather, I also want little bit more. Yes, I want more and therefore I expect from my new friend and coach to be someone who will keep me calm. I demand it in the simplest way ever and in addition to that – with Instant Effect! After all I plan to invest into him no more than $ 20, one time payment, with tax and world wide shipping included. That would be something! While I have a feeling that I will wake up soon I should add one more.

Customized Golfing

I also require from my new friend (who as a qualified mental coach is following me to every free or tournament round) to be versatile. Of course and why not? We’re not the same. We all have different gender, age, body types, personalities and other qualities that need to be taken in consideration. This is especially relevant for me – I want that this almost perfect buddy of mine is adjustable to my kind of game. I wish to have a friend like this. No, I’m not a professional player. I’m a regular golfer who plays 2 – 3 rounds a week. But why it wouldn’t be possible to ask for more? All that MORE – more value for less money with absolute submission to my needs.

Golfer’s Wish, Golfer’s Dream and a Reality

You know what? I wish this to all my fellow golfers all around the world. May all we have… Wait a second! This kind of thing exists? I don’t have to even give up on my old golf pals? I hope you’re not kidding because this would break my…! Score?!?! Yes, this kind of helper exists! That’s awesome!

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