Mental game training for golf players

Mental game training for golf players

Mental game training for golf players from MARIOBEKY.COM Top Sport Psychology is the best in the world. Included theories and practical exercises deliver the most advanced and yet the most simple results for golfers.

Start with mental game training

For Active golfers we recommend to start with our Club .

You’ll get access to project called Academy 365. That means you’ll gain access every day to a new short lessons, you’ll be able to have 50% off from all our products. You’ll receive live coaching calls and many more advantages.

For Strategic golfers we recommend to use classic Academy.

Here you’ll find systematic online courses, evaluating quizzes, loads of FREE supporting mental game tools. Both, MARIOBEKY CLUB and Academy do also grant you access to Masterclass Library. For instance, to the MASTERCLASS LIBRARY have visitors without club membership restricted access.

Be aware that you must qualify before entering. The simple tests are available at our homepage of MARIOBEKY.COM. Try them out, it’s for free.

Meet John and Christina

It doesn’t matter what playing level you’re at. Active and strategic golfers are among beginner, advanced or professional players. Our individual playing personalities may differ in various situations.

In fact, we can’t say for sure that John is 100 percent active golfer and Christina is 100 percent strategic player.

Every one of us has little bit of active tendencies in this area and little bit of strategic tendencies in another area. Usually one tendency is stronger than the other and it is good that things are like they are. Just imagine to see 100 percent active John rush shot after shot without rehearsing or even taking his clubs with him.

Or just imagine seeing Christina to think about next shot for several hours before hitting it. Luckily it isn’t so and what is even more amazing is that golfing psychology is helping us to understand lot of things. It’s teaches us apply them into our game and overcome obstacles that others are having trouble to overcome. In other words, those who don’t use golfing psychology.

How mental game works for champion golfers?

Are you eligible?

If you are a golfer who is not sure about own performance just because your results were not good recently, you should test yourself right away if you are eligible for MARIOBEKY ACADEMY.

The number of students is limited and not everyone is allowed to learn from the best.

Don’t worry test is always ready for you at MARIOBEKY.COM. We choose our students carefully. Therefore if you are truly ready I’m sure your results will be great. Top Sport Psychology

Mental game training for golf players