Professional Yardage Book, birdie book, USGA, R&A Conforming

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Fully customizable professional yardage book for golf academies, teaching golf professionals and amateur golfers.

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Professional Yardage Book, birdie book, USGA, R&A Conforming

Professional Yardage Book, birdie book, USGA, R&A Conforming (birdie card).

Fully customizable & professional

“Customize your game and determine your results.”


  1. Scoring
  2. Green / putting grid
  3. Mental game strategy
  4. Fairway management
  5. Compass / orientation
  6. Clubs selection / variable conditions
  7. Course management
  8. Special notes
  9. “In the bag” checklist
  10. Custom club yardage / metering

USGA and R&A Conforming

  • R&A and USGA Conforming Size 6.5 in X 4 in
  • R&A and USGA Conforming Putting Green Grid >3/8 in 5 Yard Increments

Track your scoring in golf tournaments

While you can rack your scoring average and statistics you are automatically gaining obvious advantage over your opponents. Because you’re keeping eyes on stats like fairways in regulation, greens in regulation for every competitive round of the tournament you are actually playing one step ahead of the others.

Green / putting grid

As a result of advanced system for marking the green area in this birdie book, you aren’t leaving your golf for mercy of coincidence. Therefore your most important part of the golf game which is the putting is supported points and important indications.

Mental game strategy

Another exclusive part of this birdie book is part Mental game strategy. Because we are home of Top Sport Psychology, we strongly help golfers focus on one of the most important strategies on the way to desired score. So when you are using this professional birdie book you are enforcing also your mental game in golf.

Moreover, while these professional caddie yardage books are USGA R&A Conforming you can use it also directly in competition. However, we advise you to confirm all conditions for using this book in any competition for yourself.

USGA R&A Conforming

Fairway management – Professional yardage book

Fairway management offers enhanced version of classic “fairway” grid. The correct orientation (compass) and additional supporting points allow the player to focus on the shots more clearly and expect the best possible result.

Clubs selection / variable conditions

In addition, the correct selection of your clubs for reaching the PAR score defines the overall result. In other words, you as a professional know that Clubs selection varies under many conditions. That is to say, with the Professional Yardage Book by Mario Beky  you can customize your strategy with variable options.

Course management / Special notes

Course management notes are probably one of the most overlooked indications in majority of golfers. Therefore these as well as special notes are giving you the opportunity to record your personal notes on every hole you are about to face. This consequently helps to create the leading momentum in your game.

USGA R&A Conforming

“In the bag” checklist

In addition to all benefits you can with these professional caddie yardage books control the contents of our Practicing or Tournament golfing bag in advance too. This is another special feature from the Pocket Golf Psychology. Either you can measure your distances on your own or with help of certified teaching golf pro.

Custom club yardage / metering

Consequently, the knowledge of the yardage (metering) of your clubs helps you to choose the right club for the right shot. And, this is also the special feature from the Pocket Golf Psychology. Rather than the other golfers, you have the opportunity to control your game with advanced set of tools.


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USGA R&A Conforming

22 pages. Format A6 special, ISBN 978-80-972409-4-3, EAN 9788097240943. Durable paper cover on front and back page. Partially based on the Pocket Golf Psychology ISBN 978-80-972369-4-6, EAN 9788097236946

The special package includes the books (1x, 3x, 10x, 30x  books – depending non the package you will choose), discount vouchers as part of the yardage books.

This book by Mario Beky is USGA and R&A conforming according to – LINK.

Images are only for illustration purposes and may vary.

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For best possible results use it with Pocket Golf Psychology. Use with professional golf yardage book cover. Known also with following names – professional golf yardage books, professional golf course yardage books.

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