How to play golf with help of golf psychologist

How to play golf with help of golf psychologist

How to play golf with help of golf psychologist – calculations and rethinking the mental approach in golf. There’s no one saying that you’re doing it the wrong way. Unless you have a feeling that you could do better than you did so far. In golf exists a pinnacle, a score Level we all eager to achieve consistently!

But do you really know how to play golf?

Then why is it that majority of players rarely reach the PAR score? What is it that restricts us from playing that highly worshiped PAR over and over again? Try to look at this sport as a science. Golf is nothing but a summary of movements and calculations. By using the calculations you can learn how to use your mind. That is to say, the mental abilities.

Doing the math in golf

If you are practicing regularly with good golf PRO everything should be OK, right? Well, not really. You are doing it and yet you struggle to succeed. Due to involvement of emotions in your game you often forget to use your brain. It’s not offensive remark. It’s a presumption.

We all struggle with our golf game.

Even GOLFING LEGENDS do face challenges on the golf course. While we feel comfortable at the driving range, we might lose the control in the competition. Rather than looking for excuses such as “I’m playing for fun only” or “I’m too old / too young…”, just face the bare truth!

None of us is playing golf just for fun.

We never had. Fun and positive emotions may com along our good rounds but the main reason for which we play is probably elsewhere.

Playing golf for fun vs. playing golf for the score

The Play itself has something valuable for us. We play because we love to compete, we love to face the challenges and we love to improve our actual status. Whether you look at this from one or the other side – the fun is elsewhere.

As a result of our total effort you expect the get the terrain, the crown, the possessions, the trophy of our fiend – the Challenge.

Just imagine what would the King do to his soldiers who came from the lost battle with words – “We lost but we had a LOT OF FUN!”. Every battle and every round is a moment in which we are required to take decisions. The more we practice and the more we play (fight), the more knowledge we are gaining.

Deciding moments in golf

Consequently, this knowledge gives us more control in deciding moments. The deciding moment almost always takes from 1 to few seconds. What matters is your ability to adopt to actual situation and take the most of it.

By the way, did you know that the difference between the next worst shot are always two strokes?

You sure know the calculation performance pocket guide – Pocket Golf Psychology. There are always two reasons how not to ruin the whole scorecard. With making bad shot increases probability of hitting the next bad shot multiple times.

How to play golf with help of golf psychologist

Rethinking the Mental Approach

Even though sometimes the Gain is worth the Risk, most of the time we really should rethink our approach. While the Birdie isn’t better than Eagle, it’s definitely better than PAR. While the PAR isn’t better than Birdie, it’s definitely better than Bogey and so on. Have your Golf Pro made enough effort to make you understand these simple golf calculations? What kind of approach do you have in your game? Risky or reasonable? Top Sport Psychology