Golf results, sports psychology book

Golf results, sports psychology book

Golf results, sports psychology book. Great results start with a dream. I have a dream that one day following will happen. Instead of waiting in line for a lesson I will just practice on my own. I choose to practice anywhere I want and anytime I want. This will save me money and my time.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to progress with freedom you never had?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel free? I could go to any area of the practice range and pick from multiple practices. This will be probably the most simple and yet the most effective golfing experience. As a result, good golf results will be here for me. Consequently, Faster and more constant improvement will deliver golf results I always wanted.

Freedom in golf

Because of this new freedom I will find the joy in my game I should have found a long time ago. While enjoying this new experience In my new adventures I will gain a new friend that will be my best golfing buddy ever.

Rather than making compromise and choose between my old golfing buddies and better players, I’ll pick something new.

Golf results, sports psychology book

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able compare my previous golfing experience with the new one? There will be a friend next to me as a source of hints with whom I won’t break any rule. One day I will have a golfing buddy who will be my coach that I could take to any tournament. But I want to go one step further.

Instant improvement in golfing

I may be a dreamer but first of all, try to understand that I’m a realistic person with LOGICAL ANTICIPATIONS. I just want the best and not pay more than is needed for services I’m getting. Therefore if this kind of friend would exist I want from him to be loyal to me in any kind of weather.

I also want little bit more.

I expect from my new friend and coach to be someone who will keep me calm. I’m demanding it from him to do so with INSTANT EFFECT! After all I plan to invest into him noT more than $ 20. That would be something! While I have a feeling that I will wake up soon I should add one more.

Custom golf results

I also require from my new friend, who as a qualified mental coach is following me to every round, to be versatile. Of course and why not? Not all golfers are the same. We all have different gender, age, body types, personalities and other qualities that need to be taken in consideration.

I want that this *almost perfect golfing buddy* of mine will be adjustable to my kind of game.

I wish to have a friend like this. No, I’m not a professional player. I’m a regular golfer who plays 2 – 3 rounds a week. Is it possible to ask even for more?

Golfer wishes, golfer dreams and there is a golfing reality

You know what? I wish this to all my fellow golfers all around the world. May all we have a buddy, a coach in our game that will make us to play better. Wait a second! This kind of thing exists? I don’t have to even give up on my old golf pals? I hope you’re not kidding because this would improve my golf results. Yes, this kind of helper exists! THAT IS AWESOME!

Golf results, sports psychology book