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LEO – Learning organizer

Learning organizer like no other in the World.

LEO offers me more than a Plan

LEO offers me more than a Plan. Motivational Quotes will boost me right in the morning. I will remind myself on what is My Big Goal and I will also set up my Goals for today. From now on I’ll have my Tests and exams under control because I’m the manager of my testing schedule. I know that Fortune favors not only the bold but first of all those who are prepared. Therefore I’ll prepare Things I need in advance to make my day a successful one. LEO will also remind me about the list of People I want to meet along with the subjects of our meetings. It is told that if we want to get to close to our goals we must overcome at least 1 fear a day. My mentor is the right person who will help me to meet the Challenges. Do I know What do I need to do to make this day great? Absolutely, yes & LEO – will help me to create a 100% successful strategy.

LEO will help me to create a 100% successful day

Wise words will encourage me in following my dreams. After a day in the school I’ll remind me about all My successes and Incredible ideas I had today. Preparation / learning plan is here to organize my thoughts. I save my precious time for me to relax and have more fun afterwards. If I spend first half from day’s 24 hour cycle on recuperating the energy (sleeping, eating, relaxing, etc.) I can use the other half for efficient work. An Efficiency of my 12 hour cycle is remarkable. I work very hard on achieving my dreams and goals but I will focus even more and do what ever it takes to reach unreachable. I’m dividing my day into several smaller challenges. They are easier to handle and this creates for me more opportunities to achieve the moment of success.

Meeting all my objectives

I can’t wait to do My day’s evaluation in the evening because I’ll give myself a Reward for meeting all my objectives. I’m an effective and persistent hard worker therefore it’s easy for me to sum up everything I’m grateful for. The experiences, accomplishments and meetings with new people are helping me to be closer to my dreams. It’s always wise to remind me on What I learned today. This  shows me How good I’m prepared for the next awesome day.

LEO – Learning organizer is fantastic companion!

It’s giving me the helping hand to plan a road to my goals in every detail. I understand my possibilities therefore I recognize my strengths and use them to reach my full potential. My mind is free because I have under control not only myself but also the Things I need today in my school bag. I’m focusing on what I want to achieve and choosing the correct Strategies for reaching the goals. It’s pleasure to watch my Evaluation and improvement. However, this is just the beginning. There is more to come and I can’t wait to reach after everything I desire. Now I believe, now I know that I can take this unbelievable chance with both of my hands and use all #MyFullPotential.


LEO – Learning organizer is a personalized organizer that helps manage the processes along learning, preparation as well as priorities, goals, successes, school supplies and other useful things.

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Students around the World have the possibility to get this unique organizer within special conditions.

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90 pages. Format A5. ISBN 978-80-972419-7-1.

The package includes the book (book – LEO – Learning organizer), discount coupons and a personalized envelope. We recommend to use it with guidance of older person (parent) for kids 14 years or younger. The color of the actual organizer may differ from picture posted at this website.

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