Pocket Tennis Psychology Book

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Pocket Tennis Psychology Book

Pocket Tennis Psychology Book. Mental Game for all types of tennis players.

Pocket guide which shows how to react

You are standing on the court and your opponent is in front of you. Your emotions start taking control over because you didn’t play well today. You need to deliver perfect serves. Otherwise you can destroy your actual position in the tournament for which you practiced so hard.

Every shot counts. Fortunately you are remaining calm because in your pocket is something exceptional. You are reaching for it. In matter of seconds you are finding solution which you need so desperately.

It’s that simple and it’s that close. You can search within the main themes, with keywords or with pictures. Your new best friend in tennis offers all of this.

This aid is instant and answers are at hand in matter of seconds. You are safe. Your game is saved. Victory is within reach. Take it!

Mental game for tennis

Pocket guide Pocket tennis psychology is the only book that reacts on expectations of tennis players in actual moment.

It offers instant solutions for everyday game. We developed it for immediate identifying, describing and controlling actual playing situation in tennis.

It shows specific solutions for specific situations. These customizable strategies are for absolute beginners as well as for professional players.

Simple and customizable strategies with instant application

In real game you need simple steps how to organize your thoughts. In the moment in which you are starting to think about anything else than actual shot, all practicing fades away.

Valuable lessons have zero to none effect if you allow the pressure take control over your emotions. This little helper will tell you how to relax with immediate effect. Additionally it will show you how to influence your emotional status positively and effectively.

Juniors and students

Juniors and students of tennis academies can obtain this pocket guide with special discounts.

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80 pages. Format A6. With water-resistant coat on front and back page. ISBN 978-80-972980-7-4, EAN 9788097298074

The package includes the Book – Pocket tennis psychology and discount vouchers.

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