Coaching – Advanced Mental Coaching (AMC) is a unique self-training program. It is the first & only coaching program in the World that offers Instant Anger Management Strategies. AMC is the only training program that gives user the opportunity to Custom Fit its options. The main features are divided into 3 levels. 1 – Instant application, 2- Long-term preparation and 3 – Customizable content. AMC is available in various ways. The user can choose between Performance Pocket Guides, Podcasts, Mobile Applications, eBooks or Live Experience Program. The Quote of the entire program is – “SEMPER SUPERIOR!”. Always aim for more! Always desire to be better! Always try to achieve higher than you did yesterday! The AMC is based on the clinical results gathered through the years of psychological diagnostics, case studies, real time consultations and lot of other data.

The real time experience is the best way to improve the skills. The Performance level is under constant surveillance from the first session to the final evaluation. The attendee is getting a full attention of the leading person. What every golf player who applies for the whole program is, the possibility to improve & to see own improvement in the real numbers, real graphs.

Mario Beky Advanced Mental Coaching Semper Superior

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