Digital book for the mental game of golf

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– version with METRIC units
– digital book for the mental game of golf
– an alternative to paperback edition
– created specifically for practical use in the game
– offering guidance on how to strengthen playing profile
– improve the overall scores
– with you on your electronic mobile device

ISBN 978-80-971879-9-6

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Digital book for the mental game of golf WORLD edition

Digital book for the mental game of golf. Version with METRIC units. Digital book for the mental game of golf (Digital book) as an PDF e-book is an alternative to paperback edition. It contains  full content of the first edition of Pocketbook for the mental game of golf. It offers possibility use some of the features from upcoming 2nd edition.

Pocketbook for the mental game of golf

Pocketbook for the mental game of golf is special tool for practical use in the game. It’s guides on the way to the strengthening the psychological profile of a player. That means it helps improve the overall score. Digital format ensures that you can always have it with you on your electronic device. By doing so you can quickly find training tips. Motivational phrases are combined with advanced training methods. Player can read about reasoning exercises and strategies of the approach to the game. Variety of other topics can be used for diverse situations.

Practical guide

This practical guide shows how to easily and effectively gain control over stressful situations. You may stay strong even when your opponents will usually fail. It contains examples of relaxation techniques – before & during the game. Stay calm also after playing the unwanted or unexpected shot. The digital book reveals everything needed for building a healthy self-esteem. No more secrets. These topics teach on how to increase your gaming performance. Let your opponents defeat themselves. Enjoy the most important shots of your life. Practical exercises are adjustable for your own game level.


If you are AMATEUR GOLFER this PRACTICAL GUIDE IS FOR YOU. You will find multiple topics. e.g. Psychology (as a science) and golf. | Stress & golf. | Relaxing techniques. | Rethinking the mental approach. | Cognitions and golf. | Advanced practicing techniques. | Mental strategies. | Game play routine. | Self-confidence and more.

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