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Mental game into the pocket

“The whole guide is literally filled with energy…”
– review by Golf Channel.*

Golf Channel

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Golf: The Easy Way

Golf the easy way for all types of golfers.

Review by Golf Channel

“The whole guide is literally filled with energy, which can be used on the golf course.” *4

Golf Channel

Amateur Mental Game

This Performance Pocket Guide offers 1st Amateur Mental Game in the World. It delivers instant outcome in everyday game play therefore it responds to all golfer’s needs. Specific actions for specific situations. For high handicappers as well as for scratch players. No delays – you pick and apply in seconds.

Golfers Friendly – Pick&Apply

The guide provides wide user availability. Whether you prefer searching by main themes, keywords, bookmarks or graphics. You will find it in matter of seconds with 6 different quick finders.

Simple strategies with Instant Application

Simple system of specific steps how to build or organize your thoughts. Use it when playing, practicing or even on the driving range. It contains examples of relaxing techniques with immediate effect,. IAM Golf – instant anger management.

Advanced Mental Coaching

It’s the world’s first customized self coaching system with instantly applicable techniques. We recommend it for all types of players (regarding of age, expectations or abilities).


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80 pages. Format A6. With water-resistant coat on front and back page. ISBN 978-80-972369-4-6, EAN 9788097236946

The package includes the Book (Golf: The Easy Way), Discount Vouchers and special envelope.

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