7 reasons why you should quit golf and 1 why you shouldn’t

7 reasons why you should quit golf and 1 reason why you shouldn’t

7 reasons why you should quit golf. The fact is – golf is tough. Once you fall into the trap of playing it, it will grab you and probably never let you go. You will spend lot of time by playing it. You will spend even more money by staying within the most recent trends. It will bite into your family life and it will sneak also into your bedroom. Some will be fortunate enough to have a family that loves golfing. The others will have hard time finding appropriate alternatives to the family’s plans how to spend weekends and holidays. Some even, will be even lucky to play so well that it will become their everyday bread. And yet, even then it will be a tough nut to be cracked because life on tour isn’t easy. You will dream about the best rounds and have nightmares about your worst rounds.

Golf is a way of life

You will think about it during business meetings as well as during most intimate moments. Golf will occupy your mind all the time. You will calculate the budget for Christmas presents depending on expenses of buying brand new irons. Will this all bother you? No, it won’t because you are obsessed with it. You’re a golf-a-holic and it isn’t bothering you. Golf is the way of life, the curse and the blessing. But what there are the indicators which are telling you that you should stop playing it? Let’s look at 7 reasons why you probably could consider to quit golf. Disclaimer! You must read this article until the end because only then you will understand fully its purpose.

7 reasons why you should quit golf

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7 reasons why you should quit golf and 1 reason why you shouldn’t (here’s the list and after that detailed explanation)

  1. Your game sucks.

    Your inability to play golf good enough for your expectations is demotivating you.

  2. You have self-depreciating attitude.

    No matter if your score is below par, your own evaluation can make it stink.

  3. You are spending too much time with golf.

    Golf is killing your social life.

  4. You’re spending too much money on golf.

    You are clearly spending too much money over your reasonable limit.

  5. Your golf club is not prestigious enough.

    You have no faith that one day can arise even from your golf club a player (maybe even you) who will become legendary.

  6. Playing partners.

    You’re in “too extensive” influence of your golfing partners.

  7. Your golf pro.

    Your golf pro isn’t giving you as much attention as you expect from him/her.

  8. Your mental game is weak (even though you feel that it could be better)

    You think that the mental game is for tour players only and everything you need is motivation and focus.

How effectively do you use your head in golf?


Detect your playing style in golf


Your golf suxx

You should probably start to think about quitting playing golf if you are finding yourself in following situation. After objective and long term observation of your game you will have clear proof that you just can’t play golf. Your body can’t create a motion for sufficient flight of the ball. You practiced under keen eyes of multiple PGA Tour champions and they are telling you the same. You’re a hopeless hack that just wastes own time and funds by pursuing unrealistic dream.

You have self-depreciating attitude

Your game might be relatively OK. However, your attitude is self destroying. You are watching yourself with the eyes of biased critic. Your rounds can be under 80 in average which is better than the rest of the golfing world but there is always this doubt inside of you. There are these thoughts in your head that are putting you down. “You suck!” “You’re lame.” “Stop playing it. It’s a waste of the time.” These and similar sentences are constantly on your mind and you can’t get away from them.

You are spending too much time with golf

Your relationship with your partner, with your kids, with your best friend is close to the end just because you can’t stop playing. There are countless holidays, birthdays and anniversaries that you totally forgot about. You don’t know when your kids have birthdays but you know what’s last year’s scrambling of your favorite PGA Player. Your partner knows now that the only reason why you didn’t want to marry in April was the Masters tournament.

You’re spending too much money on golf

Your annual income might be over quarter million but still it seems that you have not enough money when browsing through the golf catalogs. Your accountant is calling you too often in concern about your financial balance. You sold your weekend house just to play Pebble Beach once a week even though it’s several thousands miles away. The Bentley clubs you got have your initials. Your credit couldn’t even notice the speed of the purchasing transaction the first time you’ve seen them. And you don’t care.

The golf club you’re in is not prestigious enough

There was no one in the history of your golf club who “made it”. Golfing in your club isn’t what you expected when you started playing this game. Many times you’d like to brag that this or that golfing legend once started here. You would like to tell stories about famous tournament that were held here. But the truth is that what’s around you is just “not special”. What you see is average clubhouse, average practicing area and average golf course. Could be possible that one day this would be a birthplace of an extraordinary golfer?

Your golfing buddies

They are either way too good for you or the opposite. One way or the other, it’s really not giving you that ultimate boost to play with or against them. What you wish is that they would be challenging playing partners. What you would like to see is bit of variety. Every round with them could be different. Instead of that your rounds are just either walking a park or a disappointment. Who would want that? I totally understand – no one!

Your golf pro

Once you started with golf you were energized by going to the practice and learning new types of shots. You loved to pull car on the golf course parking lot and rushed on the practicing. However, once you learned the basics, many things changed. Now, your golfing pro is way too often occupied with own business. Therefore you are getting little attention. It already seems that you learned everything what golf pro could teach you. All the time it’s the same process and you can’t see the progress in your improvement anymore. Is this the end of your golfing journey? Do you feel that this is everything that golf has to offer?

The level of your mental game is weak (even though you feel that it could be better)

Your game on driving range is well. You can play decent rounds when you are playing all by yourself. However, everything is different in tournaments. You can get distracted very easily and from that moment your score is in danger. Once you get into the trouble it seems to stick onto your game and all practicing loses its purpose. If only you could get control over your emotions. You tried motivation. You tried reading some articles or maybe even books. All this was nice theory but that’s it. Reality is different.

Going from struggle into something new

Why are some golfers good and you are not? That is a great question! Is golf nothing but ongoing struggle for majority of golfers? Do you really have to care about 7 reasons why you should quit golf? Let me give you a serious question now. It’s a personal one so take it as personally as it gets. Why do you play golf in the first place? I play golf for one reason and one reason only. I play golf because of one specific feeling.

Sweet spot

For me it’s indescribable, incomparable and nothing will stop me from playing golf. I play golf just because of that amazing feeling of hitting a sweet spot of the club head when sending golf ball into the distance. I love that feeling when I manage to keep internal balance, transform it into a mechanical movement and create the shot I visualized. Expectation of repeating this feeling is what creates smile on my face in the morning of a day when I know that I’m going to play again.

Golf isn’t game of perfect

I love walking from parking lot towards the course and feeling that soft grass. The feeling of great shot is the engine behind my passion for golf. I know that I need to push myself to keep my internal balance because everything in golf stands in balanced mind. Once you learn to control your mind, you are set to control also your whole game. I love to simplify my thoughts so that my golf remains fun. I love to control my breath intensity and thinking sequence so that at the moment of the swing my head is clear and I can play that visualized shot. This is also helping me to stay calm in situations when I don’t play as planned. Yes, my game isn’t perfect but who’s game is perfect? Golf is a game within a game.

Why do you play golf and why you should quit golf?

Fortunately I learned several smart tricks in my career. The one thing that works in golf is to stay calm but not as you might think. Why do you play golf? What others may perceive as a struggle you could look at as a blessing. You may have zillions of reason to stop playing golf and many of them may be objective. It is up to you how you will evaluate your situation. However, if you feel that you need simplify your thinking in your golf, I can show you how you can do it. Click below and you will see how you can stay calm in your golf game.

why you should quit golf
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7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Golf And 1 Why You Shouldn't
7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Golf And 1 Why You Shouldn’t