5 Reasons Why Golfers Can’t Play Well All The Time

Let’s look at 5 reasons why golfers can’t play well all the time

Have you ever wondered why golfers can’t play well all the time? I bet you did. We all are asking ourselves this same question. Despite that we are drawn to trying to bump into that good round once again.

For that reason we are spending lot of money on newer and “better” clubs every single year. Therefore we go outside over and over again to try our luck. But what if this has nothing common with luck?

Golf swing isn’t product of a circumstance but a summary of mechanics of specific movement.

This mechanical movement is relying on laws of physics (body), chemistry (mind) and environmental conditions (weather, altitude, etc.).

Things that golfer CAN influence in order to achieve good consistency

Is your body the reason why you are not playing consistently good golf?

Absolutely! In fact it is 1 of two major factors that can literally steer your score into the direction you don’t want to go. Just imagine to have a body that hits like swinging machine. Just imagine about how much your shots would be consistent in comparison to your actual shots. However, would your score be perfect all the time? Hardly. Even though the swinging machines have no mental game issues. They don’t think and yet they don’t land golf balls at the same spot all the time. But you are not the swinging machine nor you don’t have the luxury of emotionless approach. I’ll explain further below.

How much does your brain influence your consistency in golf?

Very much! Almost exclusively, the brain (the working machine of our mind) is in all control over our body as well as over our thinking processes. Where is stored the information about correct movement required to play accurate golf swings? Yes, the answer is in the brain. What controls the emotional reactions that you experience before, in and after the swing? Yes, the answer is again – the brain. Since you cannot delete the “wrong” ways you did learn, you better watch out what kind of teacher you let in your life. It is almost impossible (if not entirely impossible) to clear information in our head. Always pick the best available training for that reason.

The odds, the perfect and the other in golf

What is a perfect round and is it possible to play it? In theory it would be difficult. However in real life it’s almost impossible but let’s illustrate the perfect conditions.

Scenario #1. If your golf course would be only par 3 with the same type of hole of length of 120 yards with stable weather conditions, your perfect score would be18 strokes under par. There is no way to play it better.

Scenario #2. If your golf course would be only par 4 holes with the same type of hole of length of 420 yards with with stable weather conditions and you could blast your drives exactly in the distance of 420 yards directly into the hole all the time, your perfect score would be 36 strokes under par.

In real conditions this is less likely but still possible. However, achieving this wouldn’t be a coincidence but the combination of well managed factors. The question is what are the factors that you can’t influence in order to play perfect score in golf?

Things that golfer CAN’T influence in order to achieve good consistency

Can be the golf course you’re playing the reason that your rounds are not consistently good?

Indeed, the golf course can be one of the reasons why you are not playing birdie or better on each hole. First, it is the difficulty of the golf course itself that can step into your dream of playing perfect.

Is it the coincidence that dictates whether you will play perfect each time? Absolutely not. Every golf course is different and we can’t do much about it. Some of them are playable and some of them are dreadful.

Second, it is the ever changing conditions when you play. The grass (fairway, fringe, rough or even greens) will be different at the same day when you are playing at 8 o’clock in the morning comparing to your round in the afternoon. Then there are undulations and many other challenges.

You can assimilate to actual conditions with your best intentions but this is what you can’t change. You can’t read all the important values of the golf course, unless you are a God of Golf, just like you can’t change the following thing.

Can be the reason why do you can’t play consistently good rounds also the weather?

Definitely! Zillion weather conditions are in play when you’re on the golf course. Let me just name a few that are hardly predictable even with the best available technologies. There are multiple types of the wind that change many times in matter of seconds. Then there is the humidity or the altitude.

Therefore, even if you were a swinging robot with emotionless calculations you wouldn’t be able to land the ball exactly where you did it predict.

Yet, it is very helpful to practice under various conditions. This is allowing you to uncover more options in tournament rounds that matter most.

What part takes your golfing equipment in your playing consistency ?

Fortunately not a big one, at least comparing to previously mentioned conditions. We are lucky to live in the era of rapid modernization of golf equipment and I’m not talking only about the golf clubs. Materials used in golf club itself are tested to deliver most stable results more than ever.

Once they are fitted properly for you by experienced professional, you’re good to go. However, no golfing equipment is 100% perfect. Therefore it can have manufacturing flaws which might interfere with desired shot in some way. Remember that branded driver is not your safe net but only a simple tool.

The question is whether you are emotionless swinging machine that can use its full functionality.

Conclusion? Sort of…

5 reasons why golfers can’t play well all the time are clear. If you can’t play golf well all the time you might check whether you can answer YES to all of following questions. Are you practicing your golf swing properly enough so you can adjust to various conditions? Are you able to handle the difficulty of golf courses you are usually playing so that you have 100% control over your game at all times? Can you predict without making a single mistake the humidity, the direction, force and temperature of the wind around any place on the golf course you are actually playing? Is your golfing equipment 100% break-proof and manufactured so that it is not possible for it to let you down in any challenging situation? But all this has lesser significance to the major factor.

The major factor why golfers can’t play well all the time

What is your biggest golfing goal? What is your golfing goal for this golfing season? Have you managed to achieve it already? Do you even have golfing goals? Can you control yourself when suddenly facing challenging situation? Can you calm yourself down in seconds so that your next shot from the unpleasant position won’t hurt drastically your overall score?

Your head is many times the biggest factor that is causing the inconsistency in your golf game. Not that it wouldn’t be thinking at all. You are a smart person. The problem is that you are not trained to think properly.

When you will learn how main thinking processes in your brain work, your chances to have control in your mental game will be significantly higher. If you are curious what could be if you knew how to think and play the easy way, click on the button below.

5 Reasons Why Golfers Can't Play Well All The Time
5 Reasons Why Golfers Can’t Play Well All The Time

5 main reasons why you can’t play well all the time

  1. You are not training your head properly
  2. You are not practicing accurately enough
  3. The golf course you play is difficult for your playing level
  4. You can’t assimilate enough to ever changing weather conditions on the golf course (or you don’t practice accurately enough to assimilate to them)
  5. Your golfing equipment has flaws