Why do golfers curse during playing golf? Profanity on golf course.

Why do golfers curse during playing golf? Profanity on golf course.

Why do golfers curse during playing golf? Profanity on golf course. If you or your golf students have problem with temper, the following happening. The vision of completing the following actions can be extremely strong. You are bound to it as it was already real. However, in the moment of not achieving this vision the burst of emotional level must be released somehow.

Why do golfers curse during playing golf? We curse on the golf course because of frustration. The frustration rises from not overcoming the obstacle we wished to conquer. Therefore we’re looking for stopping that frustration. Our inner security system is telling is that we need to stop/kill this situation. We convert our words into the weapons and use the sharpest of them.

Since we are cross-connected – mind and body acts together you might see following happening:

  • The verbal emotional manifestation in some sort of attack towards anything – that includes cursing.
  • The physical aggression – breaking the golf clubs, throwing golf equipment into the lake, etc. This will be discussed in another article.

The verbal aggression manifestation on the golf course

Golfer tries to attack the potential source of frustration and literally kill it with words. So, the best tools for that are the harsh words. They are offensive, sharp and aim to stop the potential source of frustration. I’m saying “potential” intentionally. The reason for that is proven psychoanalytical theory that was once introduced by school to which did belong Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung.

This theory says – once we understand the reason of our frustration, we are “taking its power” and simple move on to the next task. The reasoning will calm your sub-consciousness and you don’t look at it as a threat rather than you look for a solution how to handle it for your benefits. However, there is a SHORTCUT how to deal with this PROBLEM.

The problem no one is knowing about

Let’s talk about the PROBLEM first. Many golfers don’t use the correct mental game techniques just because they don’t know about them. Instead of that many golfers do think that these are just some “feel good” quotes that might help you calm down. This is not true. Fortunately, the correct mental game techniques are simple up to the level where they can be used even by junior players. These mental game techniques explain various problematic situations that may occur on the golf course on everyday basis. They not only explain them, they offer specific ways how to deal with them really fast.

The solution no one is speaking about. Profanity on golf course

Here comes the SHORTCUT. As never before in the game of golf or any other sport probably, the extensive research enabled me uncover and summarize them. Moreover, I managed to develop a ways how to simplify old psychological methods into a form that is easy to understand and apply in everyday golf game.

It literally means that even if you may not be a tour guy you can use the fundamental mental game – the practical golf psychology techniques in your game straight away. Now let’s go back to the verbal manifest of emotional frustration – the cursing on the golf course.

The role of sub-consciousness in the golf

Once the golfer applies this fundamental mental game, he will have stored the understanding of frustration in his memory. In real situation it will look like you’ve changed your mindset. In addition, in a moment when the unwanted shot happens and you would curse or even break the club, you will instead of that remain calm. Your sub-consciousness will take control over situation and you will move on correcting the situation, rather than being aggressive. So, this will potentially save you even more golf frustration on next holes that might happen if you couldn’t control your emotions. Just wait for a moment because we didn’t even discuss the best thing yet.

Less cursing means more control on the next hole

The best thing that this is not a part of years-long training and everlasting hours spent on the couch with overpriced psychiatrist. However, this is what you can handle in very short time by yourself. You don’t have to even remember anything of Byzantine theories because I prepared a tool that you can have with you on the golf course and use it right away any time you need.

Conclusion – Why do golfers curse during playing golf?.

Conclusion is simple. Thing is that you can avoid doing this just by using simple mental game techniques or even by using more advanced mental game techniques. Not-cursing on the golf course has at least one beneficial consequence. That is to say – once you will understand the source of your frustration you won’t be affected by it on the next hole. This is how you can do it easily and surprisingly fast. If you want to learn more about mental game of golf make sure to discover this Facebook page.

Why do golfers curse during playing golf? Profanity on golf course.