Tennis Pocket Psychology Book

Tennis Pocket Psychology Book

Tennis Pocket Psychology Book Introduction. From time to time we face creation of something that is very special. Some things just work because they were destined to work and help people to make their lives easier and happier. We have been lucky enough to witness such thing. In 2014 we proudly introduced the first performance pocket guide in the world. Its name was Pocketbook for the mental game of golf. The professional version of this guide is our flagship model and still represents the pride of our team of MARIOBEKY.COM.

Players From Around The World

Even though we didn’t market it fully because of testing it players from around the world found a way and started to using it. This pocket guide is build on real data collected from multiple clinical studies. The autor, Mario Beky when working with children from various backgrounds discovered a way how approach to challenges. Via helping children to increase their performance in behavioral as well as in school area the Advanced Mental Coaching system was discovered. This coaching system creates a basis for all our performance pocket guides.

Domino Effect

The pocket guide for golfers attracted, which was the first official books born from Advanced Mental Coaching started a domino effect. The positive effect is when one person finds something that works and consequently offers a hand in creating a new project. Some of the first users of our performance pocket guides are now are friends. Some of them are even members of our team. One of them additionally holds a record in improving his game in such measures which are almost unpredictable. This players inspired Mario to create a performance pocket guide for tennis players because he is a tennis coach himself. And, of course, loves the Pocketbook for the mental game of golf.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Today we are introducing you another powerful tool for improving your performance. You have never seen anything simple and yet fulfilling like this in one package. You can customize it to your age, playing level and expectations simultaneously. And yes, it also has the Instant Anger Management inside. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to introduce you the Tennis Pocket Psychology.


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