Golf is a game of decisions, sport counselling

Golf is a game of decisions, sport counselling

Golf is a game of decisions, sport counselling. Am I reading correct? Yes! Just out away motivational app and start to read because this is what is changing lives! Read article below. This is excerpt from first lesson from MARIOBEKY ACADEMY – mental game of amateur players with professional results.

Physical factors are important variable, but they would be nothing unless we could reasonably control them at all times. Or at least in the circumstances we consider to be important to us.

Mental Game Is a Decisive Factor

If we arrange next to each other two equally healthy, equally muscle-developed individuals, the only thing that will determine their performance will be skills of controlling  their emotions in challenging situations.

Their ability to manage all the requirements (their own or requirements of their environment – partner, coach, friends, family, fans, country, representation squad etc.) will determine how the final result will look like.

By keeping physical predispositions equal, adequate golf performance is primarily determined by psychological skills of those two players. Therefore a mental game becomes a decisive factor.

Tiger 2001 vs. Tiger 2010

Two sparring players are positioned in one flight. Let’s call them Tigers because they both are incredible fighters and they both set their goals high). Player number one will be Tiger 2001 and player number two will be Tiger 2010.

They will differ in what is going to happen in their heads only. By observing two identical players (body type and performance wise), there is a room for comparison. That one player of those two, who decides not to add value to strengthening mental resilience, increases his chance of not succeeding against the player who will work on it.

The control of the physical component is only possible if our psyche is balanced. But how do you achieve psychological well-being in a troubled situation of a game of decisions? How do we achieve mental well-being in our heads during golf games when our ambitions force us to push to a higher level of performance?

Focus On The Results

The mental factors of a performance golfer – WHO FOCUSES ON THE RESULTS – must be continually strengthened. Anyone who does not agree with this can leave this training with a quiet conscience. There is no reason to lose time by following it.

The real tension in the golf game takes into account innumerable elements that are affecting psychological well-being during the game. The pressure generated during the game can play a significant role especially for a player who expects specific results from his game.

Expecting results is always the first step in enhancing your mental capabilities because golf is a game of decisions. However, there are also types of players who do not play golf for the outcome but for the fun only. At least they say so. Top Sport Psychology.

Golf is a game of decisions, sport counselling