Effective relaxing quotes, effective relaxing self-talk

Effective relaxing quotes, effective relaxing self-talk

Effective relaxing quotes, effective relaxing self-talk. What relaxing quotes work best? We may have heard about that we need to be driven before the sporting activity. However, there are activities and situations in which we need to know how to stay relaxed. In sports like golf, tennis, soccer, cricket or other similar ones we face positions in which we need to be calm.

Therefore, we at MARIOBEKY say that the most important shot is the actual one.

That literally means that the most important shot of your career is every single one.

It doesn’t matter if you are in training or in the finals of world cup. It doesn’t matter if you are on driving range or on the final hole in play-off of Masters Tournament. Every single opportunity to play better THE opportunity. Try to remind yourself what was the most important step you took when you were learning to walk. Exactly, every single one.

Calm down and relax

There are various ways of relaxing. In the real golfing game we need to, for example first evaluate the situation. Proper evaluating of the situation is a master skill because of following reason. The ability to assess multiple options makes the difference if you are going to play good or bad shot.

Your buddy says: “Calm down!” or “Just relax!”. This is usually not working.

Some situations in between sports may differ just because of the primal nature of each individual sport. Therefore you need to take in consideration which technique you will use.Even though you will learn valuable info in today’s episode of psychology tips this is just an excerpt. By excerpt we mean a little part from our A – performance pocket guides and B – Advanced Mental Coaching program.

Effective relaxing quotes

There is one way how you can set up your own relaxing quotes or affirmations so they are effective. DO you know why “Calm down!” or “Relax!” don’t work? Yes, you guessed right. They are general. Relaxing quote or affirmation must be specific. Additionally, it must be connected to actual activity.

Let me give you example with explanation so that you can create your own powerful words. Or golfing students start with following examples and then they customize them.

  • Today, I will play a bogey-free round!
  • I have practiced a lot, therefore I will chip better than in last tournament.
  • My grip is strong and my mind is clear, therefore I will putt and drive like never before.

The Advanced Options for Mind And Body

Make sure to explore our free episodes of mental game tips on YouTube and other social sites. First, you need to take first step. Then you will move and progress faster. No matter what resulting shot, always do start with positive self-talk. Positive self-talk is boosting your moral.

However, it has even stronger influence over yourself.

Positive self-talk also rejects negative thoughts and negative expectations.

It’s double edged sword. Once you will learn use it, nothing will stop you from overcome any challenge. Using positive self-talk is part of our training which is available in online-course as in performance pocket guides. Along with that we’re teaching our students about other and much powerful tools from sport psychology. Explore the sport psychology books for the sport. Do you believe that there’s a lot unused potential inside of you? Join us and we will boost it! Start with our official Facebook page – Top Sport Psychology.

Effective relaxing quotes, effective relaxing self-talk

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