4 essential steps to simple golf

4 essential steps to simple golf

4 essential steps to simple golf

These are 4 things you, as a golfer, should always have on your mind:

Nr 1. Golf is a game of decisions

Golf is a game of decisions. It is necessary to have mechanical skills to execute the shots. However, every action starts with player’s DECISION. It is always up to YOUR skills of controlling YOUR thinking and YOUR emotions whether YOUR actual shot will be successful.

Nr. 2 You are in the control

You can control your emotions and actions in golf. It means to learning using the tools from psychology of golf.

Nr. 3 Psychology is practical

Mental game explores, explains and shows you whether or how you can control external factors. These factors may be – friends, family, fans or even bad shots that happen from time to time.

Nr. 4 Psychology creates skilled players

Psychology creates skilled players while motivation is just motivating people for short period of time. Now trust me – coincidence is the last thing you want to rely on. You are looking for stability in your head because playing golf shots is challenging enough. Therefore you are looking for a STABLE SKILL of keeping your emotions under control. This means – while others will suffer in rage over their mishit shots, you will remain calm because it is good for your final score.

Practical golf psychology

Practical golf psychology also known as mental game is finally first time in the history of golf available to every player. You can start slowly with performance guide in your pocket and then move to advanced options.

So what kind of golfer you are? What is helping you get better results? Do you prefer active or strategic playing approach? Do you like being flexible or do you prefer rigid system? The word ADVANCED in our Advanced mental coaching literally means that this program is so evolved that it became simple. And this is how our golfing game should be – simple and easy to understand.

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