Efficient pre-tournament routine in golf

Efficient pre-tournament routine in golf

The efficient pre-tournament routine in golf is creating good results. And yet, many golfers don’t even think about it. Therefore this Masterclass is showing how can pre-tournament routine be set up.

Why is the pre-tournament routine important?

Because many times you may struggle to achieve better results despite the fact that you practiced a lot. It can be one tiny or series of distractions that may break you. It might be the unexpected change in your schedule or even health issues.

Golfers instead of doing two basic and yet important things, they’re just buying new new clubs every year. Shouldn’t you just learn to drive car properly before buying a new car? The new car won’t drive better just because it’s new.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is dedicated to all types of golfers. The reason for that is that this topic defines clearly why it is important to set up playing routine according to your own playing characteristics. This way you can intensively target your work on specific goals.

Pre-tournament routine stages in golf

Relax! It isn’t just a phrase. What I mean by relaxing is – use relaxation techniques. Relaxation technique is continual use of physical and mental instructions in order to feel at ease. The smart way to avoid making an unwanted shot at the first hole is to have time reserved for stretching. Always do contact a licensed professional to help you with that.

Whatever circumstances make sure to have enough time reserve for the next activity. Before any tournament, go to driving range and practice at least 30 minutes before start. The practicing on the driving range is way different than regular practicing. Actually, it’s more warm-up than real practicing.

  • relaxing
  • stretching
  • time reserve
  • warm-up / practicing
  • additional tricks

Tricks for efficient pre-tournament routine in golf

In this webinar I am telling you about bonus tricks. These tricks help to organize pre-tournament routine in golf therefore you should check them out. Enjoy them at 32nd minute and 42nd second in this video.

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