What makes Rory McIlroy a strong mental game player?

What we can learn from Rory McIlroy’s strong mental game? Is it also his biggest weakness?

What makes Rory McIlroy a strong mental game player? How can you copy Rory McIlroy’s strong mental game and implement it into your golf? Rory’s mastered one thing that almost all golfers try to avoid. It’s #2 thing on the list with which we work in Mario Beky Academy with our students. Setting up goals. His mind is strongly focused on a goal. Same as the fixation of Christopher Columbus when he was determined to find a way to the India. One of the initial steps requires the pitching of his idea to himself. His mind is fixated to deliver it and nothing can stop him. However as everything in our lives, this as well is double-edged sword but more to that later.

This is what makes Rory a strong mental game player

Time needed: 7 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes.

How to achieve Rory McIlroy’s strong mental game?

  1. Inspiration

    Rory’s main inspiration was Tiger Woods success. Rory was glued to the TV screen in the prime of Tiger. This was slowly imprinting into his mind. Real inspiration is unintentional and you can’t push it. Therefore, watch to what or who you lean because this might be the main source for your inspiration.

  2. Visualization

    As Rory got more and more into knowing his idol’s golf, he started slowly visualize a possible destination he may achieve. Try to imagine even wild possible scenarios what could happen if you follow the pattern. What pattern?

  3. Following a blueprint

    Tiger Woods and his golf success was Rory’s pattern. Here you can see difference between inborn champion and others. Rory, still as a child, saw path that leads to becoming a person he was admiring. Kids born as champions don’t have excuses so why do you have them?

  4. Grinding

    Here’s another difference between champion’s mind and mind of underachiever. Grinding isn’t first practicing week filled with inspiration from previous Ryder Cup. Grinding means to go over the humps. That is to say, Rory went practicing even if he may not want it. Do you do that?

  5. Acceptance

    If you let yourself allow to beat you down just because of… whatever controllable reason, your done. Read all successful stories. Every single high-performance person sees in his life more struggles as victories. It takes time to bite through the sour parts of our journey. After multiple years of not-winning The Masters Tournament, Rory’s approach changed. We cannot see in his mind but his constant moving forward is telling us something. Rory accepts what he can and what he can’t change. What about you?

Even Superman had his weaknesses

Even Superman had his weaknesses and so does Rory. Superman’s biggest weakness was the Kryptonite. Yet, it wasn’t the only one. Another Superman’s weakness was predictability of his actions. From countless observations it appears that his strongest mental game attributes are also his greatest weakness. It appears (and none of us can tell it for certain) that every time he had to face anything with Tiger (himself or his milestones, records, etc.) there is high probability that it will take control over Rory. If he has clear way, he is unbeatable. If he faces obstacles (with even slight) connection with Tiger, he has issues – SEVERE ISSUES. There are one hit wonder players on PGA tour but Rory has potential to be stable if he gets this in control.


What makes Rory McIlroy a strong mental game player? The question is simple. His mental game was maybe evolving from age when he was just a child. However, this is what is his habit now. It might be stronger than your mental game habits but it doesn’t mean that you can’t mimic the similar approach. As first step in your personal journey of begin better golfer focus on following Rory’s pattern. Set up strong foundation for inspiration, visualization, following a blueprint, grinding and acceptance.

  • Inspiration
  • Visualization
  • Following a blueprint
  • Grinding
  • Acceptance
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