Roger Federer’s mental game analysis

Roger Federer’s mental game analysis

Roger Federer’s mental game analysis is the second part of series. To read the first part click here. While first part is oriented on external factors, the second part aims to pinpoint the strong skills of Roger Federer’s inner game. That is to say, the factors that he is directly influencing.

Roger Federer’s micro secrets of long-term success

Everything is connected and so is your mind and body. Consequently, so are connected micro and macro conditions of which our success stands. Therefore Roger Federer’s success is like no other in the history of tennis.

Time needed: 1 day, 7 hours and 7 minutes.

Roger Federer’s mental game analysis (micro factors)

  1. Laser focus

    Once the macro conditions were established in his life, he was free to skyrocket. It wasn’t easy for him to stay calm and concentrated from the beginning. To clarify, our personalities differ in a way how we can unleash our true potential. Some of us are ready to go for it. The others need specific conditions.

  2. Setting up goals

    Roger was and is clear about his goals. There is a process which needs to be followed. First you need to set up goals – smaller and bigger ones. Then you need to find energy, motivation and external resources on how to reach them. In other words, you need to reach for as professional guidance as it is possible.

  3. Ability to stay connected with goals.

    Roger Federer has ability of staying connected to his goals. He isn’t satisfied until he gave his best in order to achieve best possible result in actual moment.

  4. Awareness of lesser skills

    Because Roger played a lot and observed his game in detail he is able to understand it. He knows what are his strong but also weak parts. He doesn’t push blindly on areas in which he isn’t 100% perfect. However, he also let’s go when he sees that there’s no way through. Continual fulfillment leads many times to discouragement and he knows it well.

  5. Desire to repair what’s not working

    There are things which work and there are things that doesn’t. Roger Federer doesn’t procrastinate. When he sees a flaw, he is fixing it. Go out, compete and fix what’s not working. Time is ticking and it also applies for you.

  6. Never give up, never give in

    For this you need to have soul of a fighter. Federer is fearsome fighter on the battlefield. This is little bit complex step. If he sees that he is lacking some skill, he acknowledges it without making a big deal out of it. For example his game on clay. Even though his game on clay didn’t work as well as Rafa’s, he didn’t stop trying to compete. When it didn’t work, he moved on.

How to play like Roger Federer, Roger Federer's mental game
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How to play like Roger Federer?

Roger has three strong parts that he is constantly working on. First is technical part. For this part you need to work with best available tennis coach in your area. Second one is structured mental game. It’s a system where you are going step by step from micro up to macro goals. In Mario Beky Mental Game Academy we are strongly focusing on creating custom systems for hobby players as well as more advanced students. Make sure to check the free lessons and full portfolio. As for the first two parts you can’t just substitute with cheap alternatives. Roger Federer’s third secret of success is his supportive environment. Read about it here.

How to gain dominance in tennis match like Roger Federer?

First of all you need to learn to create mind shell. It’s specific form of rejection of external stirs. This way you can erase all necessary stimuli from outside and strongly focus on actual moment. Just look at Roger’s eyes when he is about to perform serve or receive one from an opponent. They are totally different as he is out of court, for example when joking. It’s a switch you need to be able to turn on or off. Do you know how to do it? In Mario Beky Mental Game Academy or in Mario’s books you’ll find extensive description of the methods. It’s simple process that however takes time to master.


Certainly there’s a lot we can learn from Roger Federer’s mental game. His career is phenomenal. In the mental game analysis series, I will try to show you detailed examination of known players. If you want to read about excellent players you can do it by reading this blog. Easiest way would be by subscribing to notifications or to the newsletter. In case you want to improve your mental game fast jump directly into Mario Beky Mental Game Academy. Additionally here you’ll receive additional supporting tools and Academy uniform for free. Same minded players from around the world are gathering here to gain advantage ahead of the others.