The Curse Of Golf – Thousands of decisions and one shot

The Curse Of Golf – Thousands of decisions and one shot

The curse of golf is that Golf is not a fairy-tale. It’s a highly technical activity of depressive  moments in which a player is forced to learn to adopt and handle current burden in relatively short time under pressure of circumstances otherwise he or she have to face disappointment and possible  discouragement to continue playing this game. The curse of golf game is that it’s almost unpredictable but when you realize what is really predictable? I will postulate several questions that are important to ask when playing each and individual shot in golf. You need to master both of two requirements. First is mental game of golf. The second is technical side of golf.

The easy part

There is only 1 part of golf that is simple and it is mental game. Mental game of golf is the most predictable part of this game. There is a scheme which needs to be followed in any situation. My program is focusing specifically on this scheme. Before looking for miraculous methods, make sure to try the one that works. In the beginning, there are 3 phases. First you need to know how you mind works (that’s the easy part). Then you need to know what you want to achieve in golf and how to structure it (this part is even easier). Finally, you need to learn the techniques how to take control over your mind and body directly on the golf course. Fortunately, we all have it covered. However…

The difficult part – Grass #1

However it is the short game that is hard and I won’t explain why is it so but instead of that I’ll ask few questions. Let’s look at the shot from 30 meters (approximately 33 yards). How many clubs can be used in combination with how many combinations of shots when hitting approach shot in distance of 30 meters? It depends. First variable is grass. What type of grass is in the place where is your golf ball positioned? How tall is that grass? What type of season it is? Is this grass humid or dry? Is this grass green or dried out? What time of the day it is? In case you ask why might this be important, you outta know following. The grass leaves change their position during the day as they turn after the sun because it’s the` most effective way to create photosynthesis.

The grass #1 and the golf ball

Is your golf ball visible in the grass? Is the golf ball dug in or just lies on the grass? What covers the golf ball, leaves from the trees, the grass itself or anything else? Will you be able to swing through the grass in order to get it out as fast as possible? Will you be able to create enough spin from the position in grass? Is there any other secondary grass also known as third cut or heavy rough? Are there any other obstructions that are grown in to the grass that directly may obstruct your golf swing? Is there any other grass in the line of the predictable flight of your golf ball? Are there any other obstructions in the line of the flight of your ball?

The grass #2 and the golf ball

In case of successful shot… On what type of the grass will your golf ball land? Do you want your golf ball land on the fairway or on the green? And again the similar questions – is it dry, is it wet, what type of the day, what type of season, etc…? Is the landing zone upslope or downslope? What will be predictable movement of the golf ball when you will add spin to it? Does it require to be played with any spin at all? Will the humidity on the green stop the ball? Will the dryness make your golf ball roll? Do you want to land it near the hole? Do you want to land the ball on the safe position of the green further from the hole? Can the pin on the green affect the landing zone if your ball if it will be hit by the ball?

The time

How much time have you spend looking for the ball? Can you measure how many seconds are left for you to rehearse and proceed to the shot in order not getting the penalty? How does the insufficient amount of time affect your emotions? Does the time have positive or negative affect on your well-being? Are you able to control yourself in time pressure? Has the hole-marshal giving you a warning note during this round already? Is this note affecting your urge to continue? Does the urge to continue have potential to influence your decision of the type of the club and type of the shot in this specific situation? How long do you already play? What number of the hole you’re at right now?

The clubs

Are you fresh because it’s the one of the holes on the first nine? Are you fatigued because it is one of the last holes in this game? Have you ever practiced shots from this position? With what types of shots have you practiced from similar position? Is it going to be full shot with short club? What kind of club will you choose for the full shot (if conditions will allow)? Is it going to be a simple pitch shot? Will you choose full 60° degree wedge or will you choose more closed wedge? Will you consider the bounce on the wedge used on this shot? How will influence the flight of the ball the stiffness of shaft on the club which you plan to use? Are you going to use any other clubs than some of wedges here?

The type of the shot

How will influence the flight of your ball the strength of the wind that is in your position? From which side is the wind blowing? Are you going to play classic pitch shot with wedge or low flight pitch with some of your longer irons? Will you rather consider playing a high-spin shot because you want the ball byte-in or maybe because there’s a high obstruction in front of you? Wouldn’t be wise just to play bum-n-run the shot? Are you considering the free-drop the ball on the fairway, if it’s in the rough or unplayable placement and you are allowed to do so?

The other conditions

Is the desired landing zone surrounded with any type of hazards? Can you see the landing zone from the position from which you want to play the shot? Is the sand in the bunker that is right behind the desired landing zone wet or dry? Is the bunker on the level with landing zone, above or under? Can you escape from it in case of mis-played shot? Are you psychologically resistant enough to handle possible comical discouragement from your playing partners if you won’t play the shot as planned? Is your ball soft enough, your wedge clean enough and the position accessible enough to create that desired backspin?

Thousands of questions

Let’s multiply it with 16 clubs in your bag. The reason why only 16 clubs is simple. You will probably not use for a shot from 30 meters driver and wood. As you see the combinations for just one shot can be up to 1000 or possibly even more. I didn’t ask all the questions that can be asked. However, there is one question that you should ask yourself every time when you are about to skip chipping practicing before the tournament. Have you practiced at least 10% of variations of shots from distance of 30 meters? This question can be even simpler. Do you even practice short game? If the answer is not yet, go and do make your game efficient. There is only one person who can help you with that – your teaching golf professional.

Time needed: 7 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes.

What to consider in golf when playing 30 meters shot?

  1. The grass where the golf ball lies

    This includes type of the grass, the time of the day, humidity, height, type of the season and other options.

  2. The grass where you want to place the golf shot

    Here comes slope of the placement, undulation, type of the grass, the time of the day, humidity, height, type of the season and other options.

  3. The time

    Golfer must think about how much time he need to invest into examining actual position of the ball and calculate the fastest and best possible option for making the shot.

  4. The type of the clubs

    This includes visualization connected to the various types of clubs that are appropriate for completing the shot from actual position.

  5. The type of the shot

    Golfer knows best what types of shots he practiced from similar position and use this knowledge to get close as possible to the victory.

  6. The other options

    This list is endless as the ever-changing conditions that golfers do face in the game of golf which almost seems as the curse of golf.

Conclusion – The Curse Of Golf

The curse of golf is that it is complicated to learn to play it. Reason for that is that there are thousands of combinations for shots in almost every single situation. What is even worse is that the conditions are ever changing. Good news is that we know how to handle all those situations and there are plenty of capable professionals around the world who can help you with that. The technical side of golf is the hard part. The mental game is simple. This is specialty of my training because it’s customized for all levels of golfers of all ages.

You are 1 thought away from playing better

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing in local tournaments or if you aim for the Tour. Click here to check how you can create a mindset that gets results. When you will master the mental part of golf which you gain control 50% control over your game. Consequently, you can avoid the curse of golf, even though there is not such thing.

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