Scientific golf psychology

Scientific golf psychology

Scientific golf psychology says that you are having in your possession the most powerful golfing weapon.

How to create desired effect?

Psychologist is scientists. Psychologist gathers data – and uses it to create desired effect. For golf player it means. To observe, – to understand and – to execute the way you want it!


Do you remember the moment when you first hit the ball well and so that you knew how you did it? In that moment you felt something strong inside of you.

Tools that do work

This was the feeling of having Power over the outcome. You used a proper tool and it worked. Your mind – remained calm. This was probably a coincidence.

“However, psychology is anything but coincidence.”

Only psychological tools, such tests, plans or strategies – do create lasting change in personality, while motivation is here – to makes us feel better for short period of time.

Everything you need for improvement – is already in your head. Psychology explains you – how thoughts can be layered – and in which order so you remain in control despite any circumstances.

Staying calm and in control

While others struggle, you – who is using golfing psychology are staying calm and in control. Now, you may be concerned that you’re just not talented enough or that your personality is too explosive – when having a hard time on the golf course.

“I want to put those fears to rest because I’m here to help you and we can do it together. You just need the right person to explain it to you – and show you proper way.”

You will be prepared because – PREPARED MEANS BEING ONE STEP AHEAD. Before any tournament, match, any competition, golfer must practice a lot!

Your own game

Know your clubs and you will know your game. Are your clubs fitted for your playing style, age, abilities, height or weight? The correct playing equipment is one of the tools which defines our results.

“We are always striving for better results. Where is the fun if we are not winning, right?”

Your goal is your target destination. How would you know which way to go if you don’t name your destination? By defining short term and long term goals – we’re also partially defining our pre-tournament routine.

What is #1 factor that is preventing golfers of not getting better score?

The #1 factor that is preventing golfers having better score is lack of using golf psychology. Mental game training should be standard part of every golfer’s game. Fortunately there are simple training programs developed for amateur players – like Mario Beky Academy. These programs are available for golfers of all playing levels. You can try them for free.

What is the best way to have good and stable results in golf?

Learn how to relax. There are simple techniques which create relaxed status literally just in seconds. Second thing is optional but it helps immensely improving your golf score. In Mario Beky Academy are amateur and professional golfers learning various relaxing methods for various situations.