3 Stages of golf pre-tournament routine

3 Stages of golf pre-tournament routine

3 Stages of golf pre-tournament routine are basic. You always should start with relaxing at home. You can use 1 of the techniques that you learned in our Mental game academy. Additionally you must use relax directly on the golf course. Combine relaxation with stretching your muscles alongside deep breathing exercises. This takes some time, therefore always have some time reserve before a golf tournament. Because the last thing you want to rely on is coincidence. Also make sure to have in your golf bag your own Pocket Golf Psychology performance pocket guide. Go through your active and global goals to remind you why you are playing in the first place.

Stage #1 Relaxation

“Relax” is not just a phrase. What I mean by relaxing is – using relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques are continual instructions that create physical and mental relieving.

“Simple instructions help you use direct offense against the challenges on the golf course – faster than anything else.”

Your co-players will just watch you with amazement how you handled current situation. But the best reward for you will be the feeling – of having control over the outcome.

How to learn the real relaxation techniques? For goodness sake, please, just don’t ask any guru, shaman or motivational speaker or self-proclaimed mentor.

“Ask a psychologist. The fastest way would be to take from your pocket GOLF THE EASY WAY.”

Those who are in our Academy are receiving it for free when they enrolled into any course. By the way, – the relaxation part is by far – the most favorite by our students.

Stage #2 Stretching

The smart way to avoid making unwanted shot at the first hole – is to have time reserved for stretching.

“Learn how to stretch body muscles in the proper way – that means – always contact a certified professional, otherwise you’ll assume the risk probability of an injury.”

Now, – when you released your muscles from some pressure, the next thing is to remind your body on movements – that are required for the swing.

Stage #3 Time reserve

At whatever circumstances – make sure to have enough time reserve. Before any tournament, – go to driving range – and practice at least thirty minutes – before starting the competitive round.

“Practice smart or don’t practice at all.”

our body needs to be reminded on how to do the motion again. Yes, I’ve heard those stories from my golfing buddy – how he played better – when he didn’t practice at all.

The last thing you want to rely on

If something like this occurs, – it is a matter of coincidence and luck. Luck – is the last thing you want to rely on. Only – stability can give you necessary confidence – that won’t be easy to break by any challenge.

But you are – a person who is focused on improving results therefore you are interested in another stage of pre-tournament routine as well.

3 Stages of golf pre-tournament routine
What is the best golf pre-tournament routine?

First is relaxing preparation at home or on the parking lot of the golf course. Second is perform simple stretching exercise/s in order to prepare your body for physical tension. Third is to have time reserve before entering the tournament. This is one of the best options to feel at ease before any amateur or professional golf tournament,

How should I get the best result in golf tournament?

You either need to contact certified professional. The best way would be to use learn quickly applicable relaxation techniques from Mario Beky Academy. Browse library of free lessons in any level of Mario Beky Mental Game of Golf Training.

How fast can I feel relaxed before golf tournament?

Very fast. There are techniques that take time. However, if you like to see fast results in your golf game test Mario Beky Academy. Correct techniques deliver instant results that are visible in just matter of seconds.